Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca Johnson has written about subjects ranging from Michelle Obama to losing a baby. She is the author of the novel And Sometimes Why.

Scott Raab

Hilarious Esquire writer Scott Raab is author of The Whore of Akron, about LeBron James. He is still waiting for a world championship team in Cleveland.

Neal Pollack

Author of 7 books of fiction and nonfiction, former "Greatest Living American Writer," contributor to many fine periodicals.

Up & Coming Writers

Matt Sumell specializes in short fiction with heart and humor. He has been featured in Esquire, The Paris Review, and Electric Literature.

A former editor at Rolling Stone, Alex Mar directed the documentary American Mystic, which follows the spiritual lives of three young people.

Smith is the author of Stolen World, an uproarious tale of reptile smugglers, and the Byliner Original Cocaine Cowgirl, about drug lord Griselda Blanco.