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The Campaign of His Life

Barack Obama has inspired a record number of young voters. Lamont Carolina is one of them, but in his case the fight for his candidate is a fight for his own future.

Nov 2008

Letter to Demi

Some women are too sexy to bother with aging.
Aug 2010

Mr. Popular

Brad Pitt’s in Tibet. Steven Seagal’s flacking his lama creds on Letterman. Dharma’s rampant at the local U and Buddha has settled in the East Village. With America sweatily grasping all things Shangri-La, it’s a virtual Lamapalooza out there. But will the true cause benefit?

Nov 1997

The Man in the Flying Lawn Chair

The Raconteur.

Why I Write

Thoughts on the craft of fiction.

Sep 1998

Goin’ Country

Jessica Simpson is back—and on the verge of something big!

Aug 2008

The Liberation of B.

Beyoncé is ready to sulk, scowl, curse, and kick bootylicious—sort of.

Dec 2008
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Hating Coach K

For the author, Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski had inspired odium, disgust, and vitriol for as long as he could remember. Then he got to meet the bastard.

Mar 2006

Blue Blood

If you’re a lifer, like the author, in the maniacal rivalry between the Tar Heels and the Blue Devils, this Saturday’s game will be another life-altering occasion. There are only two ways it can end: in ecstasy or in unspeakable agony.

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Sayonara, Sneaker Pimps

How to save college basketball.
Dec 2012
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Captain Berserko Writes a Better Ending

Long after living like some of his fictional characters—both wildly and barely—Thomas McGuane has exchanged notoriety for a life well lived on his ranch in Montana.

Nov 2010
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What Makes the World Go Round?

How did something as inessential as chasing a ball around evolve into a $500 billion industry?

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The Most Heated Rivalry in College Basketball

The basketball rivalry between Duke and North Carolina is the fiercest blood feud in college athletics. To legions of otherwise reasonable adults, it is a conflict that surpasses sports; it is locals against outsiders, elitists against populists, even good against evil. It is thousands of grown men and women with jobs and families screaming themselves hoarse at 18-year-old basketball geniuses, trading conspiracy theories in online chat rooms, and weeping like babies when their teams—when they—lose.