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My Mother’s Bible

In this love letter to his late mother, the bestselling author of Up in the Air finds solace in the handwritten notes she left in her Bible.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Thomas Jefferson

He drafted the Declaration, sparked a revolution, and became ensnared in a sex scandal with a slave. Thomas Jefferson was one of the most controversial figures of his time but is remembered as one of the greatest Americans to ever live.

Jul 2004

Should You Stay Together for the Kids?

Researchers claim a bad marriage can be better for children than their parents divorcing but not every expert agrees.

Nov 2000

Mel Gibson Shows His Hand

You can learn a lot about a man by playing poker with him. Especially a man who doesn’t know how to bluff.

Feb 2010

Lewis and Clark

The journey that changed America forever.

Jul 2002
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Confessions of an Ex-Mormon

A personal history of America’s most misunderstood religion.

Jul 2012

The Gunslinger and the Apprentice

In Matt Damon, Clint Eastwood has found a kindred spirit—someone who shares his no-nonsense style and is a worthy student in the art of getting things done your way.

Nov 2010

War Is Heller

Why there are no more Joseph Hellers.

Aug 2011

Pieces of You

The hottest girl in the room isn’t necessarily who you think.

May 2008

Blame the New Yorker

Self-ironism and the 2004 Midterm Elections.

The Two Hollywoods; Robert Redford Has This Problem

The iconic movie star bridges the gap between studio and independent filmmaking.

My Parents’ Bust-Up, and Mine

Two generations of divorce.

Up from Kmart

American minimalist literature is thought to have been dead. A new collection from Bobbie Ann Mason provokes the critic to wonder if it deserves a second act.

Pulp Fiction

In appreciation of classic American noir.

The Passions of Robert Lowell

He hid nothing from his pages and yet his newly-released letters tell even more about the great poet.
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The Editor as Gap Model

At The New Republic, a changing of the editorial guard.

“Windblown World”

Kerouc’s Willed Spontaneity.

Home Sweet Debt

The American dream—home ownership—is becoming a nightmare.

Celestial Marriage

The Romneys experience couples’ massage.

Nov 2009


Why the Beat poetry of Allen Ginsberg goes on.

Mormons Rock!

They’ve conquered Broadway, talk radio, the U.S. Senate-and they may win the White House. Why Mitt Romney and 6 million Mormons have the secret to success.

Jun 2011

The Life

The soldiers and sailors may keep America free, but it’s the guys who have no idea what time it is back home or where they are who keep America rich. They are the new American businessmen, and they are the foot soldiers on the front line of the new economy. But who are they, and where are they taking us? Walter Kirn meets the troops.

Jun 2000
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Remember When Books Mattered?

A critic’s lament.

What Ever Happened to Play?

Kids are spending less time frolicking freely, though fun is one of the best things for them.

Apr 2001