Sanctum on the Coast

Rafael Moneo’s new cathedral in L.A. looms large.

Sep 2002

Up, Up, and Away!

At the Draper University of Heroes, tech-world hopefuls are taught to think big, bold, and purposeful—to dream in order to walk. Only then will they be prepared for Silicon Valley’s more mundane reality.

Aug 2013
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Yahoo’s Geek Goddess

In the wake of Marissa Mayer’s jump from Google—where her dazzle sometimes wore thin—to run the struggling Yahoo, the author asks whether she will be its savior or its next big problem. A year and a half in, the results are mixed.

Jan 2014

Accounting for Obamacare

Inside the company that built

Dec 2013

Climate by Numbers

Can a tech firm help farmers survive global warming?

Nov 2013
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The Shape of Things to Come

As the tech industry finally turns its attention to architecture, the author explores what companies’ choices reveal about their cultures, their workforces, and the shifting relationship between city and suburbs.

Jan 2014

Time Out

If you feel that life is moving faster, you’re right.

Sep 2012

The Great Cyberheist

Inside the mind of Albert Gonzalez, America’s most notorious computer hacker.

Riding the iBomb

Life in the age of exploding information.

The People’s Net

The Internet is back, alive and well.

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Designing Men

Meeting with Apple’s Jonathan Ive and his chum, the equally acclaimed Marc Newson, the author explores the shared obsession and philosophy behind everything from iPhones to jumbo-jet interiors.

Nov 2013

The Hardest Thing to Do in Space

… is land on something. Tom Rivellini and his NASA team, who specialize in that, put the Curiosity rover on Mars with their mind-boggling sky crane. Now they’re on to the next thing, which is even bolder.

Dec 2012

Raising Baby Einstein

Now, instead of repairing the neighborhood sidewalks, we purchase Bugaboos—the $800 stroller equivalent of an SUV, complete with shock absorbers, to traverse the potholes.

Dec 2007
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“We Were Long Gone When He Pulled the Plug”

How Slut Puppy and Master Pimp hacked The New York Times.

Nov 1998

Selling the Wind

Wind power is pollution-free, combats global warming, and is a boon to small farmers. The biggest drawback—its lethal impact on birds and bats—is driving creative ways to ensure that this fast-growing energy source can coexist with wildlife.

Sep 2006

You Are Watching Machinima

The future of TV.

Mar 2013

Mogul 2.0

How Troy Carter built Lady Gaga into a social media megastar.

Jun 2012

Green From the Ground Up

From siting to size to solar, how one activist grappled with the decisions that went into building his ecofriendly home.

Jul 2007

Playing God

The ’net and fundamentalism.

And They Told Two Friends …

E-commerce may be tanking, but the online trade in sexual braggadocio is brisk. Seller beware.

Obsession, Thy Name is Porsche

When the author decided he had to own a certain vintage sports car, his pursuit quickly devolved into an all-consuming odyssey. One man’s dark, twisted tale of desire.

Mar 2011

Dealing With Your Own Cultural Irrelevance (at Age 28)

The Internet has become a new kind of barometer for keeping track of how old you feel.

Turning the Page

The future of reading is backlit and bright.

Mar 2010


Aug 2013