Lord of the Realm

Baseball’s behind him. The surgery’s done. Now Deion Sanders can show why he’s the … Lord of the Realm.

Eagle Scout

Philadelphia’s fun-loving, straight-arrow quarterback Donovan McNabb, has fans eating out of his hand.

Sniff the Granite, Grasshopper

Summiting America’s Matterhorn may not be easy, but that lingering smell alone is worth the effort.

Jun 1996

The Last Gladiators

A select group of drivers at Pompano Beach carries on with an endangered sport: harness racing.

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The Best Years of His Life

Nothing would ever match his days playing college football. So why did the author hide from the team, and the teammates, who meant everything to him?

The Other Brother

Like his famous father, Archie, and younger siblings, Peyton and Eli, Cooper Manning had NFL-caliber talent. Then his body betrayed him.

The Off-Season

Everything’s frozen. Cards are what we do instead.

Mar 2001

The Great Pickle Battle

Competitive eating, pickle style.

Oct 2010

Heartbreak at 45 MPH

Scenes from the life of a racing greyhound.

May 2009

Alle Montagne con Papa (To the Mountains, with the Old Man)

A lot has changed in their years spent skiing together, but in this corner of the Italian Alps, everything remains—sublimely—the same. On the slopes that time forgot, looking for one more run.

The Last Great Golf Course in America

Great architecture isn’t always shown through metal beams or shopping malls. Sometimes, it emerges along Oregon’s coast after a brush fire paves its way.

Jun 2001

Six Brothers

To live through the horrific cycle of suicide and tragedy, Kevin Von Erich has relied on the strange code of the professional wrestling world his family once ruled: What’s real is never certain, and what’s fake is never, ever talked about.

Oct 2005

Friday Night Tights

The Miami Caliente shows blood, sweat, and lace in the Lingerie Football League.

Mar 2010
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Company Town

Soccer in the shadow of FIFA.

Jun 2013

The Meltdown

Reflections on a round gone to hell.

Oct 2000

The Troubles

Golf in Ireland is the hardest thing you’ll ever do. Until you go back.

Dec 2000

Barefoot Running Stumbles

The irresistible promise: Ditch your padded sneakers and run faster with fewer injuries. So why is the minimalist running craze causing maximum pain?

Sep 2013

The Last Babyfoot

Wandering the world in search of a foosball table.

Sep 1986

Winter Rules

The ground is hard, the ball is dead. Let’s play eighteen.

Feb 2000

The Last Manservant

Bruce Wayne had Alfred. Bertie had Jeeves. You? You can have a caddie.

Mar 2000
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The Last Ride

Twenty miles south of San Francisco lies Mavericks, the most treacherous stretch of surf in the world. Big-wave legend Mark Foo thought he could conquer it.

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Rotisserie League Rock

Or, what music fans can learn from sports fans.

Jul 1992
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The One Left Behind

When athletes are young, sports seem to provide a solution to every problem the world has to offer. And then they don’t. The Holland twins and the wages of war.

Women Gone Wild

A seasoned adventurer no longer cares to keep up with the boys.