Born Slippy

America's top two women's figure skaters glide through the gauntlet of fame, pressure, and a vanishing childhood.

Jan 1998

Sunday Drive

He brought the city a Super Bowl championship, gives millions to charity, has secured his spot in the hall of fame. But even after a thrilling decade, Peyton Manning is just warming up.

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The Prime of Coach Bum Phillips

He’s everything our favorite heroes have always been—kind, wise, levelheaded … and smooth as a shot of sour mash.

Jan 1981
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Sustainable Losses

The incredibly sensitive boyfriend and the third greatest quarterback of all time.

Sep 2000
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Planet Kirsan

Inside a chess master’s fiefdom.

Apr 2006
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Into Teen Air

The list of seven summits climbers used to read like an alpinist all-star team. Now there are kids who can include it on their college applications.

Mar 2010

The Game That Done Him Wrong

A reluctant participant in Chet Atkins’ celebrity golf tournament, the author found comfort in country music as catastrophe followed calamity.

As So Often Happens?

A fielder makes a spectacular play and then leads off the next inning. Since the dawn of baseball, it’s been a common occurrence. Or has it?

The Glove Boat

The author, a wannabe big leaguer, never was Hall of Fame material, but he caught a few legends on a Caribbean baseball cruise.


Without the pizzazz of doubles and triples, baseball would be nothing but plink-BOOM, and what fun would that be?

How ’Bout Them Dawgs?

Georgia fans learned a new trick—enjoying soccer—when Olympic football came to their turf.

Lean and Mean

It’s gym wars on the Upper West Side as the battle for the biceps heats up.

Sep 1992
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Confessions of a Golf Junkie

The birth of an addiction.

Damp in the Afternoon

The French sport of taureaux piscine (which involves bulls and swimming pools) may lack the beauty of the bullfighting Hemingway loved, but it doesn’t lack entertainment.

Dec 1984

The Skis That Mike Built

What could be more satisfying to a lifelong skier than handcrafting his own boards? A couple of flesh wounds, a few noxious fumes, and some serious marital strife later, you start to get an answer.

Feb 2013

Two Men and a Bored

A noted chess analyst and Kremlinologist offers this insider’s perspective on the endless battle between Anatoly Karpov and Gary Kasparov.


Baseball has percentages, ratios and averages in numbing abundance, but, the author asks, where are the stats when you really need them?

Why the Triple Is the Most Exciting 12 Seconds in Sports

An appreciation of a dwindling natural resource in our national pastime.

All Our Daddies

They didn’t have the same opinions about the Red Sox, but talking about the team helped bring a father and son together, especially at the end.

Shake That Family Tree

Thanks to a bond with a small African nation, a Georgian rediscovers his roots.

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Playing Doc’s Game

The peculiar world of big-wave surfing is little known to most. In San Francisco’s Ocean Beach, an eccentric doctor and a cautious writer become friends, bound by their (sometimes complicated) dedication to the sea.

Aug 1992

This Olympic Performance Made More Beautiful by Cover Girl

For gold-medal hopefuls like Nastia Liukin, there’s just one big chance to make it as a marketing darling.

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This article may cause acute mental discomfort, nausea and fainting spells, but stouthearted readers will learn more than they ever wanted to know about the art of chewing tobacco.

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Bite Me

Boldy risking life (highly unlikely), limb (well, maybe) and ego (definitely), a novice alligator wrestler stalks her quarry.