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Giving Everest the Bird

High-altitude helicopters on Mount ­Everest and other Nepalese peaks has transformed search-and-­rescue and saved lives. But the choppers have also ­added to the chaos at the top of the world—and introduced a deadly new brand of danger.

May 2012

Shut Me In for the Ball Game

I’m a fool for simulated baseball. There, I’ve said it.

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The Fabled Moe

The legend of baseball player-turned-essayist-turned-intelligence agent Moe Berg.

By Exclusive

The Gospel of Glen

Two decades after his outrageous mohawk and bad-boy attitude helped define extreme skiing, Glen Plake is still charging hard, more popular—and more opinionated—than ever. How does he keep going—and why does he still matter?

Oct 2006

A Real World Series

Inside the world championship of blind baseball.

Feb 2013

The Cult of the General Manager

Can we go back to worshiping athletes already?

Aug 2005
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The Magician

The world’s best pool player sees shots no one else can.

Mar 2005

The Maniac Next Door

What turned a friendly neighborhood marathoner into a badass adventure-race champion? Just a thirst for something wild—and a workout routine from Mars.

Sep 2013

The Winner-Takes-All Society

Competition drives our sports, our arts, and our lives. It doesn't need to be that way.

Mar 2014

Never Gets Old Tom

The oldest player at the Masters says he can no longer compete at Augusta National, but you can bet he doesn't really believe it.

Pitchers’ Duel

Roger Clemens, Curt Schilling, and Hall of Fame standards in the steroid era.

Jul 2009

In the Soulful 70’s, Real Men Played Tennis

Rackets made out of space-age materials have destroyed the beauty of the game.

Wrestling on a Mountain in Turkey

A trip for a cup of tea was interrupted by a village wrestling match.

Ladies’ Man

Jimmy Connors learned to play a “woman’s game” to beat men. Apparently it wasn’t enough to help him last more than one match as Maria Sharapova’s coach.

Off to the Races: Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn

With her injury behind her, and Tiger Woods on her team, Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn has finally found balance in a life spent constantly on the move.

Jul 2013
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One Celtic’s Formula: Control, Contain, Curtail

No forward in the NBA does a better job on defense than Boston’s Satch Sanders. Still, come each September, Satch wonders if playing defense is going to be enough.

Feb 1967
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Dick Butkus: Happy Hero

The Bears’ middle linebacker is doing exactly what he always hoped he would. As long as people let him play his violent game in peace, he has few complaints.

Aug 1966

On to the Derby

“… For a jockey, Seattle Slew is the kind of horse you wait a career for, the horse you dream about from your first gallop …”

May 1977

Time Out

Living with concussion-induced melancholy.

Jul 2012

The Wetsuit Revolution

Two unlikely entrepreneurs are transforming cold-water surfing.

Mar 2012

Requiem for Bookie and Holocaust Survivor “Alvin”

He’s a Holocaust survivor who ran one of the area’s most successful sports books. But clever as he is, he kept getting caught. Here’s a surprising look inside a gambling life.

Mar 2006

The Team That Invented College Football

Just 22 years after the Battle of Wounded Knee, the Carlisle Indians, coached by Glenn (Pop) Warner, transformed a plodding, brutal and dull sport into the fast, intricate and exciting game we know today.

The Burden Of Being Boris

At the age of 25, Boris Becker enters his 10th Wimbledon with an erratic game and a weary soul.

Super-Fat Days, Coma Nights, and the Quest for Tearjerker Footy

A tight crew of out-of-bounds crazies has been working overtime to turn the snow-flick world upside down with its relentlessly spectacular reels. Is it art or is it ski porn?

Nov 1999