Death Is Having a Moment

Fueled by social networking, the growing “death movement” is a reaction against the sanitization of death that has persisted in American culture since the 1800s.

Oct 2013

Mortimer of the Maghreb

Building Plans

When the biggest structures are suddenly destroyed, what will someday replace the rubble?

Sep 2001

Our Broken Constitution

Everyone agrees that government isn’t working. Are the founders to blame?

Dec 2013

The Man Who Sold the War

There was a reason Judith Miller bought into the lies about Iraq—they were part of a $100 million PR campaign hatched by a shadowy Beltway consulting firm. Meet John Rendon, Bush’s general in the propaganda war.

Nov 2005
By Exclusive

Tea Is Better than Pepsi

A short story imagining Idi Amin as a teenager in 1946.

Jul 2013
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A Plaything for the King’s Superfluous Wives

A short story imagining Pol Pot as a teenager in 1939.

Jul 2013
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The Consummation

A short story imagining Mao Tse-Tung as a teenager in 1908.

Jul 2013
By Exclusive

Lado’s Disciple

A short story imagining Joseph Stalin as a teenager in 1895.

Jul 2013
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Bottle Cap

A short story imagining Rafael Trujillo as a teenager in 1908.

Jul 2013
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A short story imagining Adolf Hitler as a teenager in 1905.

Jul 2013
By Editors Recommend

Against Transparency

The perils of openness in government.

Oct 2009

Please Stand by While the Age of Miracles Is Briefly Suspended

How the president is trying to kill my daughter.

Aug 2004

Lost “Exile”

The unlikely life and sudden death of The Exile, Russia’s angriest newspaper.

Feb 2010

The Tunnels of Gaza

The tunnels of Gaza are a lifeline of the underground economy but also a death trap. For many Palestinians, they have come to symbolize ingenuity and the dream of mobility.

True Colors?

Mike Nichols—who’s known both Jack Kennedy and Bill Clinton—put all he has learned about sex and power politics into Primary Colors. John Travolta gave it his Clinto-esque best. So should Ken Starr call off his investigation?

Mar 1998

The Desperation Follies

Global Warning

World leaders neglected early warnings about global warming. Now, without an all-out assault on carbon emissions, we’ll soon see a “totally different planet.”

Feb 2007

Immigration Reform—For the Climate

Immigrants come to the U.S. determined to make a new life. So often they’re more open to the kind of changes we’ll need to deal with climate change.

Too Rich for Their Blood

Maplewood, N.J., has been home to the Cross family for more than a century. Their fortunes haven’t changed much, but the town’s have, and they can’t afford to stay.

The Sabbath Revolt

Our experience of community is being surrendered to the needs of the corporate marketplace.

Mar 1999

Fairly Unbalanced

The only real winner in the endless 2008 Democratic primary? Those smart-ass policy wonks at MSNBC.

Jul 2008

Finding Peace in Post-Disaster Haiti

As an AP reporter covering the earthquake, I anticipated violent mayhem. What I discovered was a country united.

May 2013

Acceptance (Doesn’t Equal) Acquiescence

We need to accept that we don’t live in a democratic nation.

Oct 2006