A Singular Guy

Jack Nicholson gets bloody and brutal in ‘The Departed,’ but an uninhilbited visit with the Great Seducer at home unleashes the real shocks.

Oct 2006

Still Crazy After All These Years

Charlie Sheen may be off tiger blood and back on TV, but he hasn’t cleaned up his act. A week on the edge with Hollywood’s last wild man.

Jun 2012

The Doobie Brothers: Lighting Up With the Stars of ‘This Is the End’

One is a spacey teetotaler, one’s a serious actor, one’s a new dad who’s trying to party less and one of them stole our weed!

Jun 2013

Confessions of a Dirty Mind

What’s under George Clooney’s bed? And other secrets of the coolest man in Hollywood.

Nov 2011

The Entertainer

Suddenly, the Reverend Al Sharpton, with an assist from Saturday Night Live and a new reality show, is a crossover hit.

Oct 2004

Justin Timberlake, The Bachelor

At home with Mister Heartbreak.

Jan 2003

Gerry the Sinner, Gerry the Saint

Gerard Butler is a foul-mouthed rake who bangs everything in sight. Gerard Butler is a charming, unpretentious guy who is irresistibly huggable! Movie critics abhor him. But audiences love him! And you don't know the half of it.

Apr 2010

.44 Something

God, guns, and gangsters made American movies great. How HBO’s The Sopranos has reinvigorated a tired genre.

Jun 1999

Back to the “Terminator”

The Reagan-era fantasy of using time travel to fix our world-threatening mistakes has new legs in the era of Bush.

Aug 2003
By Exclusive

Go East!

With exploding wealth and a newfound sense of possibility, China has discovered life in the fast lane, becoming a hub of urban art, fashion, and architecture. And it’s just the beginning.

Sep 2011

A Moral Atmosphere

Hypocrisy redefined for the age of warming.

Mar 2013
By Exclusive

Electric Ice

Joe O’Donoghue chain-saws through ice sculpture’s tacky image. A frozen swan has never been so chic.

The Next Francis Ford Coppola is …

No, we wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Reconsidering the inimitable career of a maligned master.

Mar 2000

We Aren’t the World

Joe Henrich and his colleagues are shaking the foundations of psychology and economics—and hoping to change the way social scientists think about human behavior and culture.

Feb 2013

The Opportunity Artist

Can the social sculptor Theaster Gates turn Chicago’s inner city into art?

The Quiet Sideman

Tenor saxist ‘Chu’ Berry emerged from the pack at the end of his short life.

The Oval Box Office

The state of the Hollywood-Washington union.

Nov 1999

Viewers Like Who?

Highbrow stunts won’t save PBS.

Jun 2000

Turning the Page

The future of reading is backlit and bright.

Mar 2010
By Exclusive

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

It isn’t easy to accept, but Mary Tyler Moore is not Mary Richards. She’s an insecure, talented person trapped in the aura of an icon, struggling to find her way out.

Chapman’s Green Hairstreak

May 2013

Clear Skies

Nov 2013

Ghost Theater

Jan 2012

Fershtupt on Dog Watch

Feb 2012