Some Assembly Required

A modern way to make a modern house.

Oct 2005

Me and Obi-Wan at the Zoo

Life, art, commerce, and the manhood of Ewan McGregor.

Jun 2005

A Delicate Balance

Tadao Ando, a refined craftsman, builds big in Texas.

Dec 2002
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If I Had a Stammer

The speech patterns of NPR listeners and hipsters has created a new social elite: the Stammering Class.

May 2005

The Ashes of the Phoenix

Saying goodbye to a Boston institution.

Mar 2013
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The Secret Lives of Stories

Rewriting our personal narratives.

Death Is Having a Moment

Fueled by social networking, the growing “death movement” is a reaction against the sanitization of death that has persisted in American culture since the 1800s.

Oct 2013
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Rules of the Game

What journalism school won’t teach you.

Art of Darkness

He’s creeped us out, freaked us out, and occasionally bored us silly. Now, with A History of Violence, director David Cronenberg delivers a savvy, suspenseful chiller for grown-ups and resumes his place as Hollywood’s scariest—and smartest—misfit.

Oct 2005

Albert Brooks Knows the Whole, Hellish Truth

Saddam Hussein is training kamikaze pilots, and the spicy gumbo looks suspiciously fattening. What, you think that’s funny?

Sep 1999
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Ghosts in the House

How Toni Morrison fostered a generation of black writers.

Oct 2003

Oprah Calling

After years of running MTV, Christina Norman wanted a break. Then, at 44, she got the job offer of a lifetime.

Aug 2010

Professor Hersey

One student, the iconic author of Hiroshima, and six timeless takeaways.

May 2013

West Side Fixer-Upper

New ideas for Lincoln Center that don’t involve dynamite.

Jul 2003

Building Plans

When the biggest structures are suddenly destroyed, what will someday replace the rubble?

Sep 2001

Something Happened

Sending Jon Krakauer to Everest was my idea. After the news broke, I spent the better part of a day wondering if I’d put him in a frozen grave.

Aug 2006
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The root of all insecurity.

Apr 2012

The Show-Woman

Suzan-Lori Parks’s idea for the largest theatre collaboration ever.

Oct 2006

Mammy for the Masses

Hattie McDaniel worked as a maid, and played one on the screen.

Sep 2005
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Body and Soul

Jun 1998
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Jun 1998
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Presbyterian Crosswalk

Jun 1998
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Ninety-Three Million Miles Away

Jun 1998
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The Two-Headed Man

Jun 1998