Fire and Ice

The muscle and the mouth behind a top private-eye team.

Feb 1992

My Molesters

I was sexually assaulted three times before I was 20. Here’s why I never told my family or the police.

Jun 2012

Portrait of a Serial Killer

The murder of 10-year-old Jessica Guzman led Bronx detectives to New York’s most twisted killer since Son of Sam.

Oct 1992

The Human Fence

Patriotism and paranoia among the vigilantes guarding the Mexico–U.S. border.

Nov 2005
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Mar 1995
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Labels Can Really Kill a Person

The “Sexually Violent Predator” classification ensures that once convicted, rehabilitation, for these men, is not part of the equation.

Aug 2004

Out There

Amidst a recent boom in violence and drug addiction, a New Haven family struggles to put the pieces back together.

Sep 1990
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The Silver Thief

The story of a burglar who was too good for his own good.

May 2004
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None Dare Call It Conspiracy

In 1999, Russia was rocked by a series of mysterious apartment bombings that left hundreds dead. It was by riding the ensuing wave of fear that Vladimir Putin rose to become the most powerful man in the country. In the years since, the people who had been questioning the official version of events began one by one to go silent or turn up dead. Except one man.

Sep 2009

The Artist

Oct 1994
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Swept Away

A night of sorority hazing leaves two women dead. But what really happened on the beach that night?

Sep 2003

Why Is Sharon Richardson Still in Prison?

Should a battered woman convicted of conspiring to murder her abusive boyfriend be granted clemency?

Dec 2004
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Approach with Caution

Anthony Carter stands on a street corner. Is he selling drugs? Is he playing with his 7-month-old daughter? You’d have to get closer to find out for sure. Good luck.

Jim, Tex, and the One-Armed Man

A bizarre tale of guns, alcohol, and CB radios in Center Junction, Iowa.

Feb 1971

“I’ve Always Been Clean”

Uncovering whether a West Chester State College student is a hometown hero or a hoodlum who conned the cops.

Jun 1970

Club Med

Forget cocaine, meth and heroin—today’s upwardly mobile reach into the medicine cabinet when they want to enhance their buzz. Meet the members of Generation Rx, a group who have never had a feeling they couldn’t enhance or shroud with a pill.

Sep 2005

A Stranger with a Camera

An act of violence in Eastern Kentucky raises questions about the code of the hills, where mountain people harbor a deep distrust in strangers and a fierce instinct to protect their property.

Apr 1969

Cover-Up in Cell 709A

How Janet Reno and the Feds covered up a prison murder.

Dec 1997

Ending the Dacoity Menace

India's government takes on the notorious robber gangs, the nation’s most frightful criminals.

Aug 1981

Lexicon, Chapter Two

The second chapter from Lexicon, a summer blockbuster that The New York Times has called “a dark, dystopic grabber.”

Highway Robbery

One man’s painful journey through South Texas’ addiction to asset forfeiture.

A Tomb with a View

Sep 1982

The Guilty Man

Michael Morton spent almost 25 years wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of his wife, until DNA evidence helped set him free. A year and a half later, that same piece of evidence finally brought him face-to-face with the real killer.

Jun 2013
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A Case of Homicide?

Prison officials swear Kenneth Trentadue committed suicide. But the facts in this bizarre and brutal death indicate otherwise and suggest a pattern of violence inside our federal penitentiaries.

Sep 1996