The Maniac Next Door

What turned a friendly neighborhood marathoner into a badass adventure-race champion? Just a thirst for something wild—and a workout routine from Mars.

Sep 2013

Last Chance for Glory

When time’s running short in the American big leagues, why not become a hero in Italy?

Nov 1992

Down to Antarctica in a Rowboat

A career adventurer isn’t quite ready to retire yet.

Oct 1985

Psycho Cross

The wild, wooly world of cyclocross, where masochism is a must and snowstorms are just another part of the terrain.

Jul 2012
By Exclusive

Balf on Balf

Our coincidentally named author plays a new baseball/golf hybrid whose fans call it “the sport of the third millennium.”

By Exclusive

I Was a Freshman Trip Spy

A writer tried to pass himself off as a student. The only problems were that he was 31 years old and a terrible liar.

By Exclusive

The Longest-Running Story in Boston

At the age of 84, Johnny Kelley will run in the Boston Marathon for the 61st time.

Apr 1992

Rebuilding Meb

Two years ago, a mysterious injury nearly ended Meb Keflezighi’s running career. This only made his win last fall in the New York City Marathon more miraculous. With Boston looming, here’s the first detailed account of how Meb and his team engineered his unlikely comeback.

May 2010
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May the Better VO2 Max Win

A sibling rivalry. A pair of headstrong trainers. A race with a mountain in the middle. On the fields of fitness, Tom and Todd Balf are out to settle an age-old score. And they’ve got 12 weeks to get ready.

May 1995
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One Dark Rumor

It was Rockport’s first murder in 50 years, in daylight, in the heart of the village. Why didn’t people notice? Or did they?

Oct 2001

That Which Does Not Kill Me Makes Me Stranger

John Stamstad is his own weird science project, a 135-pound mountain-bike based experiment in the limits of human endurance.

Sep 1996
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Ralph Lauren’s Dirty Girl

There's bound to be a disconnect or two as professional mountain biking and Madison Avenue get to know each other.

Oct 1997
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Call of the Incline

For decades, runners from around the world have been irresistibly drawn to the Manitou Incline, to test themselves on the infamous Colorado trail that goes scarily, relentlessly—and, any day now, legally—up, up, and up.

Aug 2012
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Skinny Guys Are the First to Freeze

Saltwater freezes at 28 degrees. Says one four-season water rat, "Swimming here is like beating yourself over the head with a hammer. It feels really good when it's done."

Jul 1998
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You Won’t Have Greg LeMond to Kick around Anymore

As tumultuous as it was triumphant, the 14-year career of America’s finest cyclist has drawn to a poignant close. Antique hunters and rainbow trout, beware.

Apr 1995
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Conquering the Canyons

In which a couple braves Barranca Sinforosa—the narrowest, most knee-grinding gulch in North America.

Jul 1990
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Tropical Vision

Biologist Daniel Janzen builds a forest—from scratch—in Costa Rica.

Feb 1988

Daddy Knows Least

Soccer greatness finds my son, and off they run without me.

Be Still My Heart

Decades after a kayaking accident, a survivor struggles to come to terms with the tragedy.
Mar 2010

Student Teaching

At Boston’s Earn-A-Bike program, teens are instructed how to build, fix, and maintain bicycles, but the real lessons are about how to live—and also come from figuring out just who is teaching who.
Aug 2012

“I’m Not the Next Greg LeMond. I’m the First Lance Armstrong.”

The growing pains of a man-child and world champion.

Jul 1994

Tribe of Pain

Bike racing’s most hellish climb isn’t L’Alpe d’Huez or Mont Ventoux; it’s New Hampshire’s Mount Washington.

Sep 2004
By Exclusive

The Experiment

Jonathan Vaughters wanted to create a team that was the antidote to pro cycling’s dark and secret drug culture—a squad of fast, tough, funny, quirky stars and prodigies who would volunteer to let the public see everything from their dope tests to their toothbrushing. He also wanted to win some bike races.

No one knew if he could do both.

Aug 2008
By Exclusive


For more than 20 years, Courtney Bishop has pursued one dream: putting a black racer atop the Little 500 podium.

Jun 2006