The Wind River Range, Wyoming

Death-defying hikes, snowcapped vistas, and not a BlackBerry in sight.

May 2005

Walking on Eire

Want to truly experience the magic and beauty of western Ireland? Forget the tour buses and put your best foot forward.

Mar 2006

The Ice Age Cometh

You think this winter’s weather was bad? Scientists say we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

May 1983
By Editors Recommend

Adventures in the Endo Zone

Skiing the lunatic edge, a flirtation with terminal wipeout.

Feb 1985

In the Valley of the Shadow of Death

Piecing together what happened after the Jonestown Massacre masterminded by Rev. Jim Jones.

Jan 1979

Call of the Wolf

Carroll Ballard, creator of The Black Stallion, battles the Arctic for a new kind of nature film.

Nov 1983

The Real Indiana Jones

Adventure capitalist Rick Ridgeway makes a living out of taking risks.

Dec 1985

Fear of Frying

Our intrepid reporter hikes through hell.

Sep 1985

A Darkness on the River

What the son found in the Peruvian jungle was a terrible truth. What his father found there months later was a way to begin again.

Nov 1995

World Without End, Amen

When you’re baffled by bad beginnings, stymied by the unteachable, and running from impending doom, you’d better head for the hills.

Nov 1999
By Editors Recommend

Everybody Loves the Assassins

Set loose in the land that invented terrorism 10 centuries ago, the author finds crumbling castles, legends of hash-smoking hit men, and Iranians who won’t stop being nice. You call this the axis of evil?

Oct 2002

Giants in the Earth

Times were good in Castle, Montana, with full employment and a booming economy. But it only took 72 hours to send prosperity down Main Street and into oblivion.

Oct 1999


It had been said that no outsider would ever see the legendary salt mines of Mali and live to describe them. Phooey.

Oct 1997
By Editors Recommend

Postcard from the Apocalypse

Kuwait is burning. Wish you were here.

Dec 1991

Excuse Me, Waiter, But Is That a Penis in My Wine?

After being forced to stomach snake-blood cocktails and rooster-head soup, one afflicted traveler discovers that revenge is a dish best served by Norwegians.

Jan 2000

Here, Sharky, Sharky

They call it Shark Alley: a narrow, seal-infested channel off the coast of South Africa where legions of great whites prowl. It's also where high-risk adventure just might have reached its absurd apogee. Feeling lucky, chum?

Aug 1998

A Good Hair Week in Mongolia

After years of government oppression, the country that gave us Genghis Khan, the Attilla the Hun Show, and possibly the first Americans is rolling out the welcome mat. On an archaeological tress-hunt in the land of beneficent horsemen.

Apr 1996
By Editors Recommend

Murder Most Fish

They call him Flipper, but America’s newspaper of record calls him a warm-blooded Ripper. Our man investigates.

Sep 1999

The Zen of Apnea, the Ennui of Chub

Breathlessly beside myself at the world spearfishing championships.

Jul 1995

Floating the Mighty Free and Easy

A flotilla of stouthearted men and women confronts hissing snakes, weird rocks, flat water, and the greatest mud in the west; Or, what I did on my summer vacation.

Nov 2001

The Entranced Duck Always Gets the Laugh

Adrift in Bali, quacking against the current of time.

Jan 1999

Butch Cassidy Meets the Penguin

A comic tale, right? Not in Patagonia, where legends die hard.

Apr 1999

Terror Unlimited

You have nothing to fear except falling, suffocating, heart failure, personal extinction and, of course, fear itself.

Aug 1999

This Teeming Ark

Expelled from their forested Eden, man and beast drift downriver under the spell of a charming, unreliable deity.

Jun 1999