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Let Koop Do It

A prescription for the drug war.

Oct 1988

Courage without Esteem

Profiles in whistleblowing. Or, when speaking out for the public good can be disastrous for the private good.

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Pipe Dream

Mr. Mom plays Mr. Goodwrench.

Jul 1986
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Ed-die … Ed-die …

It’s one thing to be idolized by the fans. Quite another to be worshipped in your own dugout. That’s why the highest-paid player in baseball might still be the most undervalued.

Aug 1985
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James A. Baker III, Politician

A new kind of American statesman.

May 1982
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Backstage: January 20, 1993

Bill Clinton’s transition from private citizen to President of the United States.

Mar 1993
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The Incident

How two mild-mannered reporters, on the trail of a Washington bomber, landed in Caracas and ran afoul of the Venezuelan secret service, warring Cuban terrorists, the Miami police, the State Department, the C.I.A., the F.B.I. and the most dangerous man alive—all this, and their mothers didn’t know a damn thing about it.

Mar 1977

“Freedom of Choice” Desegregation: The Southern Reality

A native son’s fresh and intimate look at non-desegregation in rural Georgia.

Justice for Warriors

The volatile relationship between free government and its military defenders.

Clinton without Apologies

As the former president takes charge in Haiti, look back at this brutally honest account of his actions there in 1994.

Jan 2010

The NCAA Entrenches Itself as Part of the Problem

Forget Penn State: The NCAA’s vengeful reaction obscures the resolve we’ll need to deal with the conflict between sports and academics.

The Culture of Bureaucracy

We’re all working for the Penn Central.

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Why We Will Impeach Him

Not for reason of law or morality, but because no one can think of anything better to do.

May 1974

New Frontiers in American Philosophy

At the age of 36, philosopher Saul Kripke has been described by a colleague as the ‘one true genius of our profession.’ A prodigy of mathematics and logic, he is now beginning to address some of the most fundamental aspects of human experience.

Crimes of Weakness

Reflections on Nixon and the Watergate scandal.
Oct 1974
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The Cartel

From the Pulitzer Prize–winning civil rights historian, the devastating, landmark investigation into college sports and the NCAA, an organization poised to collapse under the weight of its hypocrisy.

Prisoners of War, Prisoners of Peace

The confessions of the most used group in the country, the POW families.

The MacLeish Memorandum

The text of the secret proposal to cancel the national debt. Who will be hurt, who will be helped.

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Black Fear

Law and justice in rural Georgia.

Closets of Power

As a high government official and a homosexual, Dan Bradley led a double life that is common among congressmen, White House aides, and others in the political world. Here is his story, and theirs.

Oct 1982
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The Lottery: A New England Horror Story

What’s wrong with the lottery? Let us count the ways.

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Uneasy Holiday

How should we honor a man we still don’t know?

Feb 1986
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The Last Wish of Martin Luther King

Dr. King challenged everyone to find a Lazarus somewhere. That quest in common becomes the spark of social movements, and is therefore the engine of hope.

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The Censors of Bumbledom

In which the CIA bypasses the First Amendment in order to hide a bugged house cat.

Jan 1974