By Exclusive

Waiter, There’s a Bankable Star in My Soup

You’ve devoured their movies. You’ve swallowed their hype. Now eat their food. Welcome to the megabuck world of Planet Hollywood.

Sep 1991
By Exclusive

The Mild Kingdom

On the Galápagos Islands you can swim with penguins and sea lions, even watch endangered tortoises mate. The author observes evolution in action.

Sep 1995
By Exclusive

Lord of the Cows

This tiny desert college is not, repeat not, a weird colony of egghead superheroes.

Oct 1992
By Exclusive

Garry Shandling’s Alter Ego Trip

The life-imitates-art-imitates-life world of The Larry Sanders Show.

Jul 1993

Inside the Coen Heads

Brothers Joel and Ethan Coen have made some of the most original, visually and verbally stunning films of the last decade. Their new screwball comedy, The Hudsucker Proxy, is their first big-budget, movie-star movie. Just don’t ask them to talk about it.

Apr 1994
By Exclusive

Would You Buy a Used TV-News Show from This Man?

Why NBC’s Steve Friedman wants twenty-three minutes and forty-five seconds of your time.

Dec 1990

Michael Milken, Free at Last!

For the meal ticket of the Eighties, jail may be the only refuge from the lawyers, journalists, and charity hounds who feasted on him right up to the very end.

May 1991

The Secret Sorrow of Jon Bon Jovi

After more than a decade spent serenading near-hysterical teenage girls, the king of New Jersey mall rock wonders whether history will be cruel or kind.

Apr 1995

The Verdict on Arthur Liman

He has intellectual integrity, ethical bearing, and a public spirit—so how come he’s such a good lawyer?

Jan 1989

South African Sojourn

With apartheid on the way out, travelers are no longer shunning South Africa. The author discovers a land of extraordinary beauty and lingering troubles.

Sep 1993

Avenging Angel

In his acclaimed and controversial epic “Angels in America”, opening in Los Angeles this month, Tony Kushner takes on everything from AIDS to oedipal anger. Tad Friend tracks down the elusive playwright.

Nov 1992

The Moviegoer

Peter Bogdanovich returns to filmmaking.
Apr 2002

This Is Going to Be Big

How publicity really works in Hollywood.

Sep 2002

Has Norman Lear Lost It?

Tad Friend follows the behind-the-screen drama of the pioneer producer’s Love Child.

Sep 1991

The Guare Facts

John Guare, author of “Six Degrees of Separation” and “Four Baboons Adoring the Sun”, is as complex and unpredictable as his characters and plots. Tad Friend profiles the very private playwright.

Mar 1992

Postcards from the Edge

Tad Friend reports on the wild beauty and strange attraction of South America’s last frontier: Patagonia.
Jan 1991

Forbidden Island

Tad Friend goes off limits in the Caribbean—to Cuba—where he finds a lot more than ideology.

Feb 1990

The Nut Lady Returns

What do Johnny Carson, Charles Darwin and Paul Gauguin have in common? Elizabeth Tashjian knows.
Apr 2005

Emma’s True Colors

Emma Thompson tells the author exactly what’s on her mind.

Mar 1998

Comics from Underground

What happens when an alternative cartoonist makes it to the movies?
Jul 2001

The Road to Bali

The author takes off on the road to Bali. Beyond the beaches he encounters terrifying rituals, restless spirits … and hints of a lost Eden.

Jun 1989


Debunking ’70s music nostalgia.

Aug 1992

High Jinx

A man. A mountain. A mock adventure in 1:100 scale.

Nov 1997

Steal This Column

Angry Gen-X thinker Tom Frank has become a star by arguing that “hipness” is a corporate sham. Does that make “Spin” a fraud?

Jun 1998