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Before There Was Paradise

Molokai is one of the least populated of the Hawaiian Islands, but for years it made Hawaii the most notorious place on earth.

We All Had a Ball

Here’s the story of how a bunch of us over-35 guys played with the ’69 Cubs, and of how I hit one that would’ve been out at Fenway, ’cept .…

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Advice to a Group of Shining, Energetic Young People

A commencement address delivered to the 2013 graduating class of Syracuse University.

My Guilty Pleasures

These shows don’t really exist, but why can’t they?

Feb 2003
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The Life and Times of Joe Bob Briggs, So Far

Beloved and reviled, the syndicated redneck provocateur started out as a schlock-obsessed alter ego to Dallas reporter John Bloom. But when did the satire go too far?

Dec 1986

The Devil in Long Island

What’s possessed this once-somnolent suburban realm and turned it into a tabloid pandemonium of spouse-slayers, serial killers and demented dungeon-builders?

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Noah Baumbach’s New Wave.

Apr 2013
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Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream

A tale of suburban murder in 1960s San Bernardino.
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The Pitchman

Ron Popeil and the conquest of the American kitchen.

Oct 2000
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What Do You Think of Ted Williams Now?

The furious saga of Teddy Ballgame.

Jun 1986
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Trouble in Lakewood

Lakewood was once the ideal postwar town, part of the high-stakes defense boom that made California rich. Now it is best known as the home of the Spur Posse, a gang of high-school athletes who counted their sexual conquests as “points” in what maybe the only game left in town.

Jul 1993
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The Brand

Feb 2004
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Nobody Better, Better than Nobody

Feb 1983
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A Contest of Values

J.S.G. Boggs still makes money the old fashioned way-he draws it.

May 1999