Thicker Than Water

A Nantucket family’s trial at sea.

Feb 2014
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The One Who Knocks

How Bryan Cranston made himself a star.

Sep 2013
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That’s the message from a new generation of women thinkers, who are embracing sex (and men!). Call them “do me” feminists. But can they save the penis from the grassy field of American history?

Feb 1994
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You Look Great

No, really. We mean it.

Mar 1997
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E.T. Is Dead

We get the aliens we deserve, and the scary space invaders deployed in Independence Day play to our paranoia.

Jul 1996

Crowded House

They thought that they’d found the perfect apartment. They weren’t alone.

May 2013
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The Geography of Bare

Being a cautionary guide to the propriety of dress according to culture, the author deftly adjusts his clothing.

Ten Thousand Miles in a Rented Pontiac

The author drives across the U.S. in search of America and finds himself on a lonely strip of Arizona highway.

Aug 1990

Taming the Alsek

The fitness required may be aerobic or Darwinian—active travelers have many choices. The author rafts the Yukon.

Apr 1990

River of Angels

Can water again flow freely through L.A.—without swamping the city?

Jan 2004

Can Ecotourism Save the Planet?

Something is killing off the world’s great coral reefs. The author dons snorkel and fins to explore the problem with an Earthwatch group in the Bahamas.

Nov 1993

You Can’t Say That

The networks play word games.

Nov 2001

An American in Prague

Now that the Party’s finally over, Tad Friend checks out the new—and old—Czechoslovakia.

Aug 1991

Two-Lane Traveler

The author hits the highway—driving 4,000 miles from North Dakota to Texas—to find out what’s so great about the Great Plains.

Feb 1993
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Gods’ Country

In the Greek islands, ancient myths come alive and deities are never far away.

Jun 1994
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The Last of the Red-Hot Lefties

Can the new editor of The Village Voice tame a ferociously ankle-biting union, a politically incorrect Nat Henoff and a cabal of nefarious “white boys” bent on world domination? Will anyone care?

Apr 1994

Working Titles

The trouble with sitcoms.

Sep 2000

The Perfect Gift

Why everyone in Hollywood is worried.

Dec 1998

Kyoto Encounter

Tad Friend discovers the exquisite rapture of going native in Japan’s ancient capital.

Jan 1990

Jungle Fever

Deep in the Amazonian rain forest, the author discovers a vast green world that is both awesomely powerful and frighteningly fragile.

Sep 1992
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The New Seekers

Inside the psychedelic underground.

Nov 1990

The Big Gamble

With its bold new hotels and booming economy, Las Vegas has beaten the odds—at least for now. Tad Friend goes for broke in the last oasis of the American dream.

Apr 1994

Shades of Green

Driving through Ireland, from Dublin to remote Dunquin, the author encounters eccentrics and anger and a sense of the past as thick as the mist on the hills.

Oct 1994

It’s a Jungle in Here

When Gus the Central Park polar bear began having psychological problems, his handlers turned to cutting-edge behavioral therapy. What they learned should prove useful for the rest of the city’s singularly neurotic pack of pets, zoo animals—and people.

Apr 1995