Reengineering the Everglades

For decades, the world's largest wetlands have been diked, dammed, diverted, and drained. Here's how massive earthmoving, underground plumbing, and statistical modeling are getting South Florida back to nature—new and improved.

Feb 2002


The genius who sticks around forever.

Wave Rider

After running through just about every other belief system, I had little hope for the church of surf.

Fighting Drugs with Drugs

An obscure hallucinogen gains legitimacy as a solution for addictions.

Aug 2010

Horror Show

Scanning your brain while you watch horror movies might hold the key to making them even more frightening. The findings could reshape the way scary movies—perhaps all movies—are filmed.

Mar 2010

When Life Flashes before Your Eyes

Understanding how the brain perceives the passage of time could lead to treatments for mental illnesses. Why does time seem to slow down during a life-threatening situation? The author falls 15 stories to find out.

Apr 2010

Extreme States

Out-of-body experiences? Near-death experiences? Researchers are beginning to understand what’s really going on.

Jul 2005

Ecopsychology in Ten Easy Lessons

Or how I learned to become one with a glacier.

Mar 2012

The Perils of Higher Education

College life can be downright detrimental. Sleep deprivation, a bad diet and binge drinking can lead you to memory loss, alcoholism and even Alzheimer’s.

Mar 2005

Escape Artists

Procrastination reflects our brain’s hunger to feel good now rather than reap future rewards. But at the end of the day, it’s really about choice: You have to decide exactly who it is that you intend to be.

Sep 2009

Nine Reasons to Buy the Malloy Brothers a Beer

How do three guys who get paid to surf the world, shoot movies, and design sweet gear still make you want to pick up their tab?

May 2007

Sick Puppies

Running a DIY dog-rescue operation is never easy, but when you’ve got two dozen misfit animals under your care, you need a way to let off steam.

Oct 2010
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Vision Quest

A half century of artificial-sight research has succeeded. And now this blind man can see.

Sep 2002
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Evolution’s Next Stage

Driven by technological advances, humans are changing faster than ever. Coming soon: our next stage, Homo evolutus.

Feb 2013