The Many Faces of Arianna

The talk of London. The hot new thing of New York. Hostess to the Republican Revolution. California gubernatorial candidate. And now priestess to L.A.’s left. Is this Arianna Huffington’s final incarnation?

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Tracey Does L.A.

The veddy veddy British—and very very funny—Miss Ullman steps lightly through her adopted city.

May 1988
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The Case of the Purloined Diary

The Kennedys in love, Hoffa threatened, Sinatra in trouble, Castro in danger—the red diary told all. When Marilyn Monroe died, it disappeared—assuming, of course, it ever existed.

Oct 1982
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Bryan Brown seems to have the perfect life—perfect wife, perfect family, perfect home, perfect career. Well, maybe someday he’ll have it all.

Apr 1990
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The Silencing of a Southern Voice

A requiem for Atlanta Weekly.

The Defiant Ones

In her new book, the author of “Seabiscuit” turns to the unimaginable ordeal of an Olympic athlete and WWII hero. Because of her own debilitating illness, they struck a special bond.

The People v. Leo Frank

The author of the definitive book on the Frank trial and lynching explains why the case still sparks debate a century later.

Sep 2013
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The Payoff for a Director’s Dedication

The forces that fired Martin Scorsese’s Last Temptation of Christ.

Aug 1988

Full Moon Rising

The unlikely exhibitionism of Dennis Franz.

Jul 1995
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Coppola’s Tucker

The director finally makes the picture of his dreams.

Aug 1988
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Heartbreak Kid

David Puttnam came to Columbia pictures with idealistic plans to change Hollywood. But he alienated the very people who might have helped him.

Feb 1988
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A Hollow Venue

It’s not just the endless corporate hype and TV commercials that make the Olympics seem a little soulless. It’s Atlanta itself, which for better or worse has buried its past.

Jul 1996

Stars over Central America

How the Sandinistas sought the hearts and minds of Susan Anspach and Daryl Hannah.

Jul 1984
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The Nolte Nobody Knows

Nick Nolte may look like a surgeon—or perhaps a mental patient—but his professional recovery has finally come into its own.

Mar 1989

Getting Naked

Harry Crews exposed himself to life to write honestly about the world.

Adventures in Paradise

The rich are different. Especially in Newport Beach.

Nov 1983

The Improbable Rise of NPR Music

Bucking its somewhat soporific image, National Public Radio has become a key venue for new music acts looking for a large online audience.

Hollywood Fixer

Often, only one man stands between a celebrity and danger. Meet the go-to guy for stars in peril.

Dec 2010
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That Championship Season

Brandon Tartikoff knew that with a few hit shows, he could pull NBC out of the ratings cellar. But time was running out. Would he know which cards to play?

Feb 1984
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Portman’s Complaint

He built one major city, changed the face of four others, and influenced a generation of architects. So why isn’t John Portman taken seriously?

Jun 1987
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The Police Reporter

For fifty years, Norman “Jake” Jacoby has been the best cop reporter in Los Angeles, naming the Hillside Strangler and helping nab the Night Stalker. And he still does it all “the old-fashioned way.”

May 1986

Call Mike Sitrick

Fled the scene of an accident? At war with Page Six? Taking on the most powerful man in Hollywood? Addicted to painkillers? Accused of molesting children? Call Mike Sitrick. That’s what Halle Berry, Ron Burkle, Roy Disney, Rush Limbaugh, and the Catholic archdiocese did. He plays the media better than anybody.

Eugene Patterson, Conscience of the South

The Georgia journalist played a pivotal role in the civil rights movement.

The Big Mocker

With an acerbic wit, a disdain for publicists, and a love of the “extra useless,” the Defamer has reinvented Hollywood gossip.