The Madoff Tapes

One evening, my home phone rang. “You have a collect call from Bernard Madoff, an inmate at a federal prison,” a recording announced. And there he was.
Feb 2011
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Al Gore’s Golden Years

The almost president has become the ultimate Davos Man, a moral entrepreneur and richer than Mitt Romney.

May 2013
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The Dean of Corruption

Cecilia Chang, the St. John’s fund-raiser who committed suicide after her epic fraud was exposed, tried to keep her superiors happy with gifts of watches, vacations, custom suits, and fine wine. It worked, for a while.

Mar 2013
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“We’re Going to Take over F---ing Hollywood”

Armed with the story of the Teflon Don, John Gotti Jr. and his new crew are trying to make the movie business an offer it can’t refuse.

Sep 2012
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“Hello, I Am Sabu … ”

From a housing project on Avenue D, a hacker mastermind of Anonymous and LulzSec was out to upend many worlds. Including his own.

Jun 2012
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The Tabloid Turncoat

Colin Myler, the Daily News’ new editor, knows his enemies at Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post. Maybe too well.
Apr 2012
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What Would Gabby Do?

After the shooting, Gabby Giffords needed help to be herself—and her astronaut husband led the team.

Nov 2011
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The Miracle Survivors

In Stairwell B of the North Tower, 16 people lived amid the avalanche of concrete and steel. But surviving was only the start of their struggle.
Sep 2011
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Bradley Manning’s Army of One

How a lonely, five-foot-two, gender-questioning soldier became a WikiLeaks hero, a traitor to the U.S., and one of the most unusual revolutionaries in American history.

Jul 2011
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Exit the Czar

Steve Rattner, the journalist turned banker turned Car Czar, steered his way to the pinnacle of the New York-Washington elite, the most effectively ambitious player of his generation. Then, just as he reached the top, he lost control.
Aug 2009
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Si Newhouse’s Dream Factory

Condé Nast’s own stars compare their glossy empire to the MGM of Old Hollywood. But no one would wish it the same fate.

May 2009
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The Monster Mensch

What made Bernie Madoff, a man who helped revolutionize Wall Street and built a completely legal billion-dollar business, perpetrate the greatest fraud in history? And what led Ezra Merkin, born to immense privilege, to enable him?

Feb 2009
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Burning down His House

Is Lehman CEO Dick Fuld the true villain in the collapse of Wall Street, or is he being sacrificed for the sins of his peers?

Nov 2008
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Morris and Udi: A Story of Unrequited Love

How a Five Towns macher brought down the prime minister of Israel.
Sep 2008
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Libet in Love

Her desires were simple: to have a relationship, adopt a child, do something meaningful with her life. So why did things between Johnson & Johnson heiress Libet Johnson and her weight-loss-guru boyfriend get so complicated?
Mar 2008
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The Liman Identity

Before he was the Bourne director, Doug Liman was the son of a New York legend, the lawyer Arthur Liman, who managed to do good while getting rich. No wonder Liman has sellout issues.
Jan 2008
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Mrs. Astor’s Baby

The fight for a mother’s love, and money.

Nov 2007
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The Steamroller in the Swamp

Is Eliot Spitzer changing Albany? Or is Albany changing him?
Jul 2007
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Boss Science

The psychopathology of the modern American corporate leader.
Apr 2007
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Can This Marriage Be Saved?

“You’re reading in the paper that your spouse was asked whether she loves you or not, and she says, ‘I love my family,’” says Al Pirro. “How would you feel?”

Oct 2006
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The Last Tycoon

Si Newhouse Jr, 81, is chairman of Condé Nast, a magazine company like no other. His editors are treated like celebrities and even in these tough times have almost limitless funds to produce the world’s glossiest, most aspirational titles. Here, Steve Fishman goes behind the scenes at Vogue, Vanity Fair and the New Yorker to reveal the glamorous, gossip-filled world of the last luxury media mogul.

Jul 2009
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The Penitent

Eliot Spitzer may have a large say in Alan Hevesi’s political future, but the state comptroller has a more formidable tormentor: himself.
Dec 2006
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Snakes in the Garden

Feb 2004
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Divorced, Never Separated

Two decades after a divorce, hedge-fund superpower Steve Cohen thought he could live happily ever after with his new wife and Greenwich mansion and $6.4 billion. But that wasn’t the ending to the fairy tale his first wife had in mind.
Mar 2010