The Starlet

Sandra Bullock, Hollywood’s girl next door, is now our girl next door.

May 1998

Change of Routine

Years after she vaulted to Olympic glory, Mary Lou Retton is all smiles as a wife, mother, and best-selling author.

Sep 2000
By Editors Recommend

The Meanest Divorce

He kidnapped their kids. She bankrupted his family. He hid out for seven years. She had him put in jail. A story of love turned to hate.

Oct 1992

The Killer Cadets

They were young. They were smart. They were successful. They were in love. And they were cold-blooded murderers. Why did they do it?

Dec 1996

Darkness on the Plains

For decades, Stanley Marsh 3 was Amarillo’s most famous citizen, a wildly creative eccentric who charmed everyone he met (including me). Now his world is crumbling amid sordid allegations of sexual abuse of teenage boys. How could we have all been so wrong?

May 2013

Hoop Queens

How a tiny Baptist school in the Panhandle created the most dominant team in the history of women’s college basketball.

Apr 2013

The Unsinkable Lisa Blue

Four years ago she lost her husband, famed Dallas lawyer Fred Baron, just as the details of his role in the John Edwards sex scandal came to light. But she decided not to disappear from the public view.

Dec 2012

I Shall Never Surrender or Retreat …

… from teaching my fifteen-year-old daughter about her Texas roots. So when I realized I was failing to accomplish this most sacred of duties, I did what any well-meaning parent would do: loaded her (and her friends, of course) into the car and hit the road.

Sep 2012

Sex, Lies, and Hit Men!

Jeffrey and Yvonne Stern were the envy of their exclusive Bellaire neighborhood. Then came three bungled attempts on her life, the revelation that Jeffrey had taken a mistress, and the bombshell that investigators had accused the lovers of plotting to kill Yvonne.

Feb 2012

“If the Serial Killer Gets Us, He Gets Us”

When Darcus Shorten began investigating a series of brutal assaults on prostitutes in the decaying Houston neighborhood of Acres Homes, she knew that the case would be hard to solve. She and her partner, Steve Straughter, assumed that a single vicious attacker was on the loose. They had no idea.

Dec 2011

The Girl Who Played with Firearms

Miranda Lambert’s songs about good-for-nothing men and gun-toting women out for revenge have shot her to the top of the country music charts. Now she has a new album, a new husband, and even a new state to call home.

Oct 2011

The Lost Boys

In December 1970, a number of kids went missing from the Heights neighborhood, in Houston. But no one realized that the most prolific serial killer the country had ever seen—along with his teenage accomplices—was living comfortably among them.

Apr 2011

The Inmate

Why has Vanessa Leggett been in jail longer than any journalist in U.S. history? Herein lies the true crime.

Dec 2001

Snow Job

Two aggressive Dallas cops. One confidential informant. Hundreds of pounds of cocaine. Fifty-three drug traffickers busted. Sound too good to be true? It was.

Apr 2002

Facing the Music

There’s no question that record producer Michael Morales, Dan’s brother, tried to blackmail the Tony Sanchez campaign. But was he really acting alone?

Mar 2003

The Satanic Versus

At her retrial this summer, Andrea Yates once again insisted that the devil made her do it. In a way, the devil did.

Sep 2006

The Searcher

Are UFOs invading Texas? Ken Cherry’s looking into it.

Apr 2008

Girl, Interrupted

Almost two years after brutally stabbing a teenage gangbanger, Ashley Benton is determined to reclaim her life. But her problems are not over yet. Ashley Benton, Houston’s most famous teenage killer, asks that we not take her photograph.

May 2008

Compound Fracture

I had sympathy for the Eldorado polygamists when their claims of religious persecution by the state seemed plausible. But the disturbing allegations of sexual abuse of underage girls changed my mind completely.

Jun 2008

Don’t Forget Jenny

What happens when a lonely elephant, unsuspecting city officials, and a group of vocal activists collide? My hometown turns into a zoo. If there’s one thing I’ve learned living in Dallas for the past thirty years, it’s that we’re a very businesslike city. We’re not big on civic unrest.

Nov 2008

Going out in Style

At Houston’s most elegant funeral home, death is just an excuse for the last, best party you’ll ever attend.

Mar 2009

Sleeping Booty

How on Google Earth did an out-of-work musician from California stumble across the possible site of a fabled Spanish shipwreck in Melon Lake?

Jul 2009

The Almost Great Bank Robbery

When a lovestruck cop and his teller girlfriend pulled off the biggest bank heist in San Antonio history, it seemed like the perfect crime. If only they hadn’t made one small mistake.

Nov 1992

Born to Run

What’s in a name? How about the Republican nomination for governor. Now the highly confident, but untested George W. Bush has to convince voters that he’s more than just a chip off the old block.

May 1994