The Long, Sweet Road to Santiago De Compostela

Seeking the tomb of Spain’s patron saint, pilgrims are overwhelmed by kindliness and the beauties of a splendid countryside.

Lands of Erotic Fantasy and Their Complex Reality

Richard Bernstein’s provocative and intriguing book examines the notion of the East as a sensual and sexual paradise.

A Century After His Death, Everyone Seems to Love RLS

Partly it is because of his life, bravely lived despite pain; mainly it is the stories, from Treasure Island on, which still disarm us.

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Hello, Samoa (and Good-Bye L.A.)

A one-way trip took Barry and Jennifer Rose to the South Pacific—forever.

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Tropic of Sybarites

Explore Asia’s southern seas and discover the Edenic islands of the East: Ko Samui, Hainan, Pamalican, and Penang.

The Legacy

An Englishman looks at India fifty years after British rule.

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Nouvelle Chinese

East meets West over ginger and caviar.

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Land of the Lotus Eaters

Discover a sanctuary for the senses on a secluded beach in Phuket and be transformed.

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The Strange Case of the Surgeon at Crowthorne

In this adaptation from The Professor and the Madman, the first editor of the Oxford English Dictionary at long last meets his unlikely collaborator—an inmate at an asylum for the criminally insane.

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My Warden, My Friend?

After 15 years, a former prisoner makes a bittersweet journey back to jail.

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Sir Francis Drake Is Still Capable of Kicking Up a Fuss

Westward the corsair of England’s empire made his way, plundering Spain for queen and country; now modern moralists are nibbling at his fame.

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Coming: The Great Flood of China

As the Chinese begin to construct the dam that will desecrate the legendary beauty of the Yangtze, the controversy surrounding the project rages.

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Beyond Siberia

To Chekhov, Sakhalin Island was “hell,” but one can discover a strange beauty in this land of ultimate exile.

A Tale of Two Volcanoes

Where Iceland’s volcano has set off a wave of high-technology panic, a volcanic eruption in Java over a century ago set off something benign and quite lovely.

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Sheep of Fools

They traverse the farthest reaches of the globe to hunt big, fat, elderly, plant-eating herd animals. Like shooting fish in a barrel, you say? Oh, waggish one, any brute with a cannon can bag a man-eating tiger, but to be a renowned sheep hunter takes great patience as well as great skill.

Nov 1988
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Leviathans of the Sky

A new Boeing 747 is brought to term at the Boeing facility in Everett, Washington, once every six days. This sleek, ungainly creation, whose survival was once uncertain, now rules the world of transoceanic airline travel.

Oct 1990
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The Man with the Electrified Brain

The acclaimed author of the blockbuster The Professor and the Madman tells the tale of his own descent into madness.

A Verb for Our Frantic Times

Why “run” has surpassed “set” as the word with the most meanings.

Shades of Greenland

The appeals of a cursed place.

Nov 1979
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On the Edge of Empires

Black Dragon River, a narrow ribbon of water, separates two worlds that could hardly be more different: an impoverished corner of Russia and China’s economically energized Heilongjiang Province.

A Taste for Calcutta

This terrible, beautiful city.

Jun 1980

The Train to Kompong Sam

Seeing the world with Thomas Cook.

Oct 1981

An Empire’s Last Stand

Britain’s imperial obligations.

Nov 1980

By Rolls to Russia

A Silver Spirit crosses the Iron Curtain.

Jul 1984