Musharraf’s Monster

In Pakistan, independent TV is young, powerful, and biting the hand that fed it.

Indus River Outsider

A native of Pakistan becomes a stranger to the flood zone.

The Unsolicited Symbolism of Amir Khan

British, Pakistani, Muslim—how fans from Islamabad to London to New York process the champion boxer.

Jul 2012

Spoils of War

Excavating the underground trade in Buddhist antiquities.

Apr 2011

The Fundamentalist Moderate

Religious scholar Javed Ahmad Ghamidi has become a popular figure in Pakistan for his strict reading of the Koran—which, he says, dictates against gender discrimination, terrorist jihad, and other favorites of modern Islamists.

Jul 2007

A New Rallying Cry

Why the concept of justice—not freedom, not democracy—is becoming a potent tool for political reform in the Muslim world.

Oct 2007

The Playboy

A former cricket star may become Pakistan’s next ruler.
Apr 2012

The Pandora for Paintings’s “Genome” predicts what paintings you will like.

Dec 2011

Persian Gulf View

House hunting and geopolitics in Baluchistan.

Feb 2010

From Pakistan to Afghanistan, U.S. Finds Convoy of Chaos

The route from Karachi to Kabul was the best way to get supplies to U.S. troops in Afghanistan, and the main artery for a Pashtun trucking empire—until Pakistan shut it down.