Welcome Stranger

First impressions are often wrong—and other hard-won lessons from the road.

Fear Itself

Danger is often unavoidable. Sometimes the best way to prepare for it is to let go of life.

Very Risky Business

Business in Mexico City.

Combat High

For one platoon, the challenge isn’t surviving the war. It’s surviving the peace.

Apr 2010
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Remembering Tim Hetherington

The death of an incomparable photojournalist, killed on April 20 while covering the conflict in Libya, is recounted by his collaborator, confrère, and friend.

Apr 2011
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The Whale Hunters

The world wants them to stop, but it’s the trade of their grandfathers. With a harpoon and their wits, they ply the waters of the Caribbean in search of their 40-ton prey. And when they’re gone, it all goes with them.

Oct 1995
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Going to the Source

He was almost everything a 14-year-old boy thought he wanted to become.
Aug 1999
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The Storm

Six young men set out on a dead-calm sea to seek their fortunes. Suddenly they were hit by the worst gale in a century, and there wasn’t even time to shout.

Oct 1994
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The Terror of Sierra Leone

The war in Sierra Leone is still shocking in its sheer atrocity, yet U.N. peacekeeping forces have been powerless to intervene. Cold-blooded calculation fuels the rebels’ insanity, the struggle for control of the country’s diamond mines, including a secret agreement between international investors and the man who has terrorized a people.

Aug 2000
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Terror Recorded

The photographs on these pages, of torture and executions by the rebels of Sierra Leone, are among the best pieces of evidence documenting the Revolutionary United Front’s savage war against civilians. Yet until now, barely a handful of people knew these shocking images existed. With a special court for war crimes being set up to try captured rebel leader Foday Sankoh and other top R.U.F. commanders, the author tells how the photos came to be published here, for the first time, thanks to a courageous victim who barely escaped death to bring back a damning record of atrocities.

Oct 2000
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Massoud’s Last Conquest

Afghanistan’s master guerrilla commander, Ahmed Shah Massoud, was assassinated by suspected al-Qaeda suicide bombers just two days before September 11. But his Northern Alliance coalition became the U.S.’s most important weapon against the Taliban in a war that combined 19th-century slaughter and 21st-century technology.
Feb 2002
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The Forensics of War

Under NATO control, Kosovo has become a vast crime scene, containing evidence of thousands of killings. With mass graves around almost every corner, teams from the F.B.I., the R.C.M.P., and Scotland Yard are trying to find the strongest cases to bring before the international war-crimes tribunal.
Oct 1999
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Kosovo’s Valley of Death

Once again, the Serb army is bombarding villages and massacring entire families, this time to crush a fledgling independence movement in the province of Kosovo, on the former Yugoslavia’s border with Albania. Dodging sniper bullets in a savage landscape of bunkers, machine-gun nests, and newly dug graves, the author explores the conflict’s bloody origins in the 14th-century Battle of Blackbird Field, the unspeakable cruelty now taking place, and the terrifying shadow of a war that could engulf Albania, Greece, and Turkey.
Jul 1998
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Watching Hollywood Brew a “Perfect Storm”

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“Eventually the Monsters Will Win”

In 2007 and 2008, Sebastian Junger made five trips to the Korengal Valley in eastern Afghanistan to be embedded with U.S. forces fighting the Taliban. He was, he admits, utterly unprepared for the level of violence he would encounter.

Jun 2010