Doubting the Death Penalty

Could capital punishment ever be done reasonably?

Nov 2006

The Capital of Real Life

Who needs New York and L.A.? Chicago is the capital of the Rest of America.

Sep 1991
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Some Things Promised, Some Things Dreamed

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Men can keep secrets—even about murder—except when a woman’s involved.

Jan 2004
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The Meaning of Cubness

Or, how failure breeds solidarity.

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When I Was 25: A Moment of Crisis

In 1974, I was paralyzed by too many choices.

Jun 1997
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One L: The View in the Mirror

On penning what turns out to be an enduring work.

Embraceable You

Al Gore hugs; Bill Bradley doesn’t. Gerald Levin and Steve Case sealed the AOL-Time Warner merger with an embrace. In Hollywood, hugging is almost required. Now that men are throwing their arms around one another, will this gesture of masculine affection become as ritual (and empty) as the air kiss?

Jun 2000
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Chicago: Where the Little Guy Has a Chance

Bureaucratic adventures in the Windy City.

Jan 1972

Where Have All the Radicals Gone?

Now we’re all more worried about our mutual funds than mass movements.

Sep 1996
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A Secret Proceeding with No Secrets

If you want to see how grand jury functions … well, don’t look at the Clinton-Lewinsky affair.

A Brand New Game

When two candidates are separated by less than one ten-thousandth of the votes cast, resolution of the most minute ambiguities in the rules is likely to determine the outcome—as in fact it did in Florida.

Dec 2000
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In His Own Woods

Hard to say what frightens a man more—the undiscovered country outside his door or inside his mind.

Jan 2009
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The Burden of Race

Caught between the dual legacies of exclusion and stereotyping.

The Alluring Lore of Espionage

Le Carre’s world of commitment and betrayal.

Dec 1990

A Son’s Debt to His Mother

The power of parenthood.

May 2010

Repeal or Repair

It’s no shocker that capital punishment needs reform.

Ireland’s Shrewd, Sad, Quintessential Bad Boy

On Francie Brady, the unreliable narrator of Patrick McCabe’s The Butcher Boy.

Jul 1993

Cry No Tears for Martha Stewart

A victim? Only of thinking she was above the law.

A Dominant GOP? How So?

The election proves only that the voters remain closely divided.

Dec 2004

Everything Is Illuminated

What, exactly, does the Constitution say?

Sep 2005

When Should the U.S. Withdraw?

Ask the Iraqis.

It’s up to Gonzales Now

Political loyalty in the Bush Justice Department.

Apr 2007

Even Blago Is Presumed Innocent

Chicago’s preeminent crime novelist on how the Illinois governor can defend himself—and why bribery cases are so hard to prove.

Dec 2008