Dispatches from a Dead War

On the island of Cyprus, a hateful peace emerges.

Aug 1999

Making a Killing

The high cost of peace in Northern Ireland.

Feb 1994
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Prisoner of War

The lure of gunfire and the enemy within.

Jan 1997
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More Than Meets the Eye

Although the miniskirt is a proven attention-grabber, for some men, overalls are the ultimate turn-on.

Nov 1995

The Cleanup

When a suicide bomber strikes in Israel, the horror is never allowed to linger.

The Hunger Warriors

In a nondescript neighborhood in Istanbul, dozens of young women and men are starving themselves to death to protest the Turkish government’s prison policies. The government isn't paying any attention. So far, 40 hunger strikers have died. An investigation into a different kind of suicide mission.

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None Dare Call It Conspiracy

In 1999, Russia was rocked by a series of mysterious apartment bombings that left hundreds dead. It was by riding the ensuing wave of fear that Vladimir Putin rose to become the most powerful man in the country. In the years since, the people who had been questioning the official version of events began one by one to go silent or turn up dead. Except one man.

Sep 2009

The Polygamists

A sect that split from the Mormons allows multiple wives, expels “lost boys,” and heeds a jailed prophet.

In Country

After reporting from a dozen wars, the front was suddenly in his own backyard.

Nov 2001

A Plea to Be Free

Greg Ousley murdered his parents at 14. So why does he think he deserves to get out of prison?

As Long as We Were Together, Nothing Bad Could Happen to Us

Because nothing says ‘family bonding’ like a near-amputation or two.

Aug 2000

Coming of Age at Band-i-Amir

My father suffered from chronic wanderlust. When I was 14, he set out on a yearlong road trip across Europe and Asia—and decided to take me along for company. Beside a remote desert lake in the heart of Afghanistan, I finally got the chance to prove that I wasn’t just along for the ride.

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The Martyrdom of Leonard Peltier

He became a rallying cry for centuries of oppression against his people. But now, 20 years after the murder of two FBI agents that put him in prison for life, he’s more important as a legend than as a man. And the legend has begun to unravel.

Jul 1995

The Urge to End It All

Is suicide the deadly result of a deep psychological condition—or a fleeting impulse brought on by opportunity?

Life’s Rich Pageant

Apr 2001

Under Egypt’s Volcano

Along the Sinai coast, Egypt created the largest gated playground in the world, a tourist cocoon of five-star pleasures and world-class scuba-diving. But terrorism has infiltrated “the Red Sea Riviera,” bred by the hopeless poverty and seething anger beyond its police checkpoints. Evading Cairo’s security forces, the author pursues a story of two Egypts, and three young Egyptians: two brothers behind the 2004 Taba Hilton bombing, and another man who hoped to escape to the West by tending bar at a Sharm al-Sheikh resort—and may now hear the siren call of radical Islam.

Oct 2006


For the past three decades, Palestinian militants, Israeli warplanes and Hezbollah fighters have kept the Lebanese port city of Tyre anxious and war-torn.

Bringing It All Back Home

When Chuck Norris joined the National Guard, he wasn't expecting to end up in one of the worst corners of the Sunni Triangle. Now he's home in Pennsylvania, with his fellow guardsmen and memories he just can’t shake.

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Gaza’s Grand Delusion

The humanity, hatred and history behind a conflict that has lasted so long no one knows how to let it go.

Feb 2005

How Did Darfur Happen?

The closer you get to the tragedy in western Sudan, the more complicated it appears. Tracing the path of a long-simmering conflict as it turned into the world's biggest humanitarian crisis.

The Makeover

To hear Muammar El-Qaddafi tell it, he is “in one trench fighting one common enemy with America.” Not every bad guy ends up at the wrong end of a regime change.

An Impossible Occupation

Behind enemy lines with a platoon of elite Israeli commandos, in a war they believe they must fight but know they cant win.

The Curse of Blood and Vengeance

In remote northern Albania, communal life is governed by ancient codes of honor unchanged by modern notions of rights or the rule of law. That's why Shtjefen Lamthi was gunned down in broad daylight—and why his killer’s family will probably get theirs, too, someday.

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

In which three American journalists—the author, Sebastian Junger, and John Falk—try to get a little R&R in Bosnia, accidentally almost capture the world’s most-wanted war criminal, are hassled by the CIA, and discover why our government doesn’t really want to catch the bad guys after all.

Oct 2000