Bernadette Devlin

An Irish revolutionary in Irish America.

Jan 1970

The Writing Machine

Traveling the campaign trail with Jacqueline Susann, the literary sensation who has proved that the greatest audience for books is still, in this enlightened age, among those who prefer sex for the inhibited.

Oct 1969

The Rush for Instant Salvation

Numerous prophets and travel agents advertise round-trip tickets to Nirvana, or to wherever else a tourist believes he might find God consciousness.

Jul 1971

Rock Style: Defying the American Dream

A rock group named Rhinoceros is trying to make it big. The conditions: “never have a steady job, keep crazy hours, get stoned, play music, draw constant attention…and make lots of money.…”

Jul 1969

On Tour with Rock Hudson

The dead film star's biographer finds herself battered by his fans.

Notes from the Land of the Cobra

Patti Hearst and the Symbionese Liberation Army.

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Open Land

Two communes … two lifestyles … and the same quest for Utopia.

Jun 1970

My Son’s Chinese Wedding

Last week I put on a traditional Chinese costume and sat beside my ex-husband in an obscure city in China, waiting for our son, Andrew, to come riding up on a horse with his bride in a sedan chair and ask us to accept her as our daughter.

Sep 2012
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This loving portrait of one of America’s most revered writers is a treasure trove of Didion’s wisdom about literature, life, and the power of endurance—and surrender.

A Visit with Joan Didion

The Book of Common Prayer author on process, inspiration and the emotional toll of writing.

Advancing Backward with Muskie

The misadventures of a female scout on the Florida hustings.

Jun 1972

Rolling into the Eighties

I have a good job and a condo on the beach. I run four miles a day and play tennis twice a week. I’m in perfect health, and my roller skates cost $100. I guess you could say I'm… unhappy.

Feb 1980

Taking the Cure with Dr. Weil in India

It’s been hailed by some Westerners and dismissed by others as another New Age health trend, but does Ayurvedic medicine really work? We traveled to Mysore to find out for ourselves.

Jan 2002

The Perfect Nanny

She was warm and cheerful and good with the baby—and not at all what she seemed.

The Politically Incorrect Orgasm

After decades of assuming the vaginal orgasm was a myth, a weekend Tantric workshop shows that unicorns might exist after all.

Jan 1997

My Mother’s Case of Pleasant Dementia

Sep 2008

What They Did for Bliss

They’ve come from the top of their fields, but for the nuns of Regina Laudis, a life of seclusion and simple spirituality is the ultimate empowerment.

Love Late

Whether you’re 35 or 75, it’s never too late to fall madly (or gently and even sacredly) in love.

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The Man with Ten Wives

A Gospel for the Seventies.

Oct 1975
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The Dass Effect

After a near-fatal stroke, the spiritual leader Ram Dass is back—this time guiding baby boomers to the enlightenment of age.

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Does Prayer Really Work?

The science behind faith.

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Murder in Westwood

It was a setup for mayhem; a teen party in Los Angeles, no parents, 100 privileged adolescents, plenty of beer, raging hormones, and a single blade. By midnight, one girl was dead, another would die, and a stunned community of parents and educators was left asking: who’s to blame?