By Exclusive

Whither Thou Goest

The brief encounter of Angela Davis and George Jackson.

Jul 1972
By Exclusive

Run, Tommy, Run!

The real-life adventures of Thomas Tongyai, alias Tommy the Traveler.

Jul 1971

Melancholy Baby

Linda Ronstadt waxes blue on Anna Karenina, the key of D, and sex and hostility. And that’s just the first set.

Oct 1985
By Exclusive

Do You Know Vegas?

You may think you know its garish, gaudy, sinful soul. But you haven’t met Wayne Newton, Mr. Las Vegas himself.

Aug 1982
By Exclusive

Travels with Dr. Death

Dr. James Grigson, a.k.a. “the hanging shrink,” is a traveling salesman for the Texas death penalty. The author crosses the prairie with Dr. Death as he notches up three death sentences—two in one day.

May 1990

The Subterranean World of the Bomb

In which the author takes a grand tour of our thermonuclear fortifications, engages some missile crewmen in candid discourse upon their role in The End of the World, digresses upon the pornographic appeal of atomic annihilation, and… starts worrying about the Bomb again.

Mar 1978
By Exclusive

Tales from the Cancer Cure Underground

In which we encounter modern-day alchemists, prophets, healers, herbalists, biomystics, doctors of metaphysics, and doctors of medicine in a quest for the cure.

Nov 1990
By Exclusive

The Strange Death of Danny Casolaro

In which a golden boy is strangled by an octopus.

Dec 1991
By Exclusive
By Editors Recommend

The Riddle of the Scrolls

In which we listen for the roaring breath of God.

Nov 1992
By Exclusive

Charles Portis and the Locked Trunk Secret

Our least-known great novelist.

Jan 1998

The Shadow of the Mole

Two superpowers, three master spies, four false defectors, five schools of mole lore, and seven types of ambiguity.

Oct 1983

The Last Secrets of Skull and Bones

In which we contemplate certain occult rituals of the ruling class.

Oct 1977
By Exclusive

Henry: Portrait of a Serial-Killer Hoax

In which we investigate one of the most successful liars in American history.

Sep 1990
By Exclusive

The Corpse as Big as the Ritz

In which we encounter Sarah Miles, Burt Reynolds, and the ghost of the Great Gatsby.

Aug 1973
By Exclusive

The Connoisseur of Scoundrels

In which Murray Kempton tries to find “the finger of god” in the fumblings of man.

May 1987
By Editors Recommend

Explaining Hitler

What was the genesis of Hitler’s evil? Generations of experts have produced wildly competing theories that attempt to account for every aspect of his identity—and imply troubling things about our own.

May 1995

Inside the Canned Laughter War

In which we investigate the concept of “authentic” canned laughter.

Jul 1975

Turn on, Tune in, Drop Dead

You haven’t lived until you’ve died, say the apostles of drop-dead chic.

Jul 1982

Shakespeare in Rewrite

After four hundred years, scholars want to change the way we read “Hamlet.”

May 2002

Dream Dancing

In which we enter the realm of Richard Roffman and his unknown famous people.

Dec 1979

Bob Dylan: The Playboy Interview

A candid conversation with the visionary whose songs changed the times.

Mar 1978
By Editors Recommend

J.D. Salinger: The Man in the Glass House

An obsessive (if strange) pilgrimage to the late author’s New Hampshire sanctuary, where, if you listened closely, you could hear the sound of one man hiding.

Jun 1997

The Method and Mystique of Jack Nicholson

The star of The Shining and Chinatown lays out the techniques he used craft his classic roles.

By Editors Recommend

Angel of Death: The Trial of the Suicide Doctor

Did Dr. Jack Kevorkian do the right thing when he helped an Alzheimer’s patient end her own life with his homemade “Mercy Machine”? As the issue of medically assisted suicide hits the headlines again, he vows to continue his crusade for “planned death” for the terminally ill. But is he Socrates or Mengele?

May 1991