The Pesticide Link

Scientists are closing in on an inescapable conclusion: Pesticides may be a cause of Parkinson's disease .

May 2009

Family Isn’t Everything

What’s wrong with deciding that most details of family life are boring, and choosing instead to pursue scholarship or fame?

I’m with Stupid

The pleasures of learning to tap-dance (badly) in middle age.

What’s Wrong with Summer Stiers?

A team of medical experts is trying a new way to diagnose patients who spend their lives suffering from mysterious diseases.

Losing the Weight Stigma

A social movement argues that you can be healthy no matter how fat you are.

Second Best

The slightly bizarre tale of Landrum Shettles, the man fate deprived of creating the world’s first test tube baby.

Will We Ever Arrive at the Good Death?

The pros and cons of hospice care.

Lifting the Black Cloud

Existing antidepressants leave a lot to be desired. They can take weeks to start working, and they fail many people. Researchers are scouting for better options.

The Genome in Black and White (and Gray)

The implications of race-based medication.

Racing with Sam

Dr. Leslie Gordon believes that studying her son’s rare and fatal disease may shed light on the process of normal aging. But at its core, the scientific pursuit is really about saving a boy.

Fat Factors

It’s clear that diet and genes contribute to how fat you are. But a new wave of scientific research suggests that, for some people, there might be a third factor—microorganisms.

On Liposuction

Cosmetic surgery’s most popular body-sculpting procedure is now under federal review.

Oct 1989

The Inner Landscape

Sonograms and M.R.I.’s provide plenty of knowledge about the body—but is that always a good thing?

Defining Hypertension

When is high blood pressure normal and when is it a risk factor for cardiovascular health?

Looking for the Lie

The truth about deception.

Darwin’s God

In the world of evolutionary biology, the question is not whether God exists but why we believe in him. Is belief a helpful adaptation or an evolutionary accident?

Beyond Insulin

Should diabetes researchers continue to fine-tune an imperfect treatment or search vigorously for a real cure?

In Business to Treat Cancer

Will the free flow of scientific information be interrupted if research becomes a profit-making enterprise?

The Aging Eye

How will this organ change as you get older? In very predictable ways.

Is the Pap Test Valid?

Looking at an imperfect procedure.

High-Tech Fortunetelling

Tests no more invasive than a finger prick will reveal the precise location and function of each of our genes. What will we learn about ourselves?

Viruses Revisited

Scientists hope to make use of one of nature’s most unwanted organisms.

The Quest to Forget

Roger Pitman, a Harvard psychiatrist, and other medical researchers are working to find drugs to prevent painful memories from taking hold. But is to lose remembrance to lose yourself?

Dr. Anderson’s Gene Machine

Navigating the medical, political and ethical implications of gene therapy.