The Red and the Black

The alliance of Harlem intellectuals and Communist radicals took its most concrete form in a trip led by Louise Patterson to the Soviet Union.

Checkbook Journalism Revisited

Sometimes we owe our sources everything.

A Work in Progress

Gay Talese extols the virtues of not writing.

By Exclusive

Going Both Ways

Marjorie Garber looks to stop dividing the world into straights and gays.

Jun 1995

A Clean-Plate Club for the Intrepid

The manifold pleasures of organ meat.

Jul 1999

Who Was the Real Sybil?

The New York antiques show holds the key.

Dec 1998

A Lefty Reunion

How was the satirical Report from Iron Mountain twisted into a enduring right-wing conspiracy theory?

May 1996

The Lives of Robert Hughes

He’s the world’s most famous art critic, the potential Václav Havel of Down Under, and a man ready to trace his own gunpowder trails.

May 1997

The Neocon Who Isn’t

Francis Fukuyama’s current book announces his divorce from the neocons.

Is Ljubljana the Next Prague?

With a castle at its center, an intellectual bent to its politics, and artists known for their absurdist humor, this Eastern European capital is emerging as the latest in post-Communist chic.

Aug 1999

Princeton’s Public Intellectual

With erudition and eloquence, Cornel West argues that philosophy should be a weapon, not a mystery.

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Gay Talese: A Work in Progress

The life and struggles of a brilliant writer.

God and Harvard

Harvard’s Peter Gomes is a conservative clergyman who says that the religious right is wrong. And the Bible is his evidence.

Nov 1996

The Other Freud (the Wild One)

A new translation aims to free the master from his disciples’ obsessions.

Hoping Web Success Strikes Twice

Cybereditions is harnessing the power of digital distribution to ensure that rare writing isn’t lost and that new material can be updated.

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Cross-Dressing 101

Camille Paglia says Harvard’s Marjorie Garber symbolizes everything wrong with academia.

Jun 1995

North Korea’s Digital Underground

To smuggle facts into or out of North Korea is to risk imprisonment and even execution. Yet, aided by a half-dozen stealthy media organizations outside the country, citizen-journalists are using technologies new and old to break the regime’s iron grip on information.

Apr 2011

The Birth of an Idea

What do great leaders have in common? What about revolutionaries? After a quarter century of research, Frank Sulloway has discovered a very simple factor that may explain history.

Oct 1999

Enjoy Your Zizek!

An excitable Slovenian philosopher examines the obscene practices of everyday life—including his own.

Oct 1998
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The New New Journalism, Circa 2011

Sep 2011

The Plot against Equality

Walter Benn Michaels’s The Trouble With Diversity challenges us to remove our race-tinted glasses and view the world in the class-based terms that, he argues, define it.

Dec 2006

Marjorie Garber, PI

A Harvard academic toes the line between jargon-free accessibility and intellectual credibility.

May 2001

Powder Burn

Whatever the suspects behind the worst act of eco-terrorism in U.S. history hoped to accomplish by torching Vail, their agenda likely didn’t include helping the company that owns the resort and harming those looking to protect a beloved mountain. The fire just happened to go that way.

Jan 1999

The Roots of the New New Journalism

How a new generation of writers connected the innovations of the 1960s with nineteenth-century tradition.