Asphalt Legends

Twenty years after his groundbreaking book on summer hoops, the author returned to New York to check out the state of the city game.

Hoops Comes Home

Four decades after he chronicled Brooklyn’s vibrant street basketball scene, the author returns to the borough that spawned generations of schoolboy legends and finally has an NBA team of its own.

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Brotherhood of the Offensive Line

The front five of the Super Bowl champ New York Giants exemplify the bond that forms between men who play the O-line. To be effective, they must work selflessly, seamlessly, as one entity. That, and eat a lot of pasta.

Nov 2008

Let’s Hand It to Him

Jerry Rice’s dedication to his craft has made him the finest receiver in the game’s history.

Sports Behind the Walls

For convicts, are athletics a form of rehabilitation, an outlet for excess energy or just a way to pass the time?

The Way of the Sniper

What Scott Tyler does, and does well, is something that is essential in every war we’re fighting. And that is: eliminate important targets, sometimes from extraordinary distances, without anybody knowing he was ever there.

Dec 2009

The Big Chill

The Bills put the Raiders on ice and stayed in the Super Bowl hunt with the Cowboys, the Chiefs and the 49ers.

“Da Stadium”

Chicago Stadium, home of da Bulls and da Blackhawks, is a glorious old sports palace in the midst of a badly decayed neighborhood.

Best NFL Athlete? Nolan Contendere

Rams Safety Nolan Cromwell, a star quarterback and world-class hurdler as a collegian, has become one of pro football’s top defensive players.

A Very Singular Way to Play

The single wing may be virtually extinct, but thanks to Keith Piper it’s still alive—and running and passing—at Denison.

Growing Up Fast

Hopes were high for Florida’s Emmitt Smith and Ohio State’s Carlos Snow. One has run to daylight, the other hasn’t shone.

Pride of the Yuppies

On the field, Gary Fencik is a Bear of a player; off it, he’s the upwardly mobile professional man.

Up and Over, to the Record and Beyond

Needing 66 yards to catch Jim Brown, Walter Payton got ’em against the Saints with 88 to spare.

Playing Against the Clock

What possible sense can a man make of busted fingers and endless swim meets and four confounding, athletic children and raccoons in the garage and fear of football and the years spinning, spinning, spinning by?

He’s Aiming to Make History

Walter Payton of the Chicago Bears is on target to become pro football’s all-time leading rusher this season.

Not Just Pretty Faces

They’re homely, they’re hostile, they’re a cable cult. From a smoke-filled room, it’s The Sports Writers on TV.

No Joke

Four Consecutive Super Bowl losses have made Buffalo Bill coach Marv Levy a target of jests, but seriously, folks, he’s one of the NFL’s best.

Friday Night Plight

High school football giveth, and taketh away, sometimes all too suddenly.


In America’s cities, kids are killing kids over sneakers and other sports apparel favored by drug dealers. Who’s to blame?

A Real Nowhere Man

Living in his own nowhere land, which for him is the area around Providence, Ernie D hasn’t competed in an NBA game since 1978

He’s Not Hot Stuff, He’s My Brother

The Bibby boys, little Henry of the NBA Clippers and big Jim of the baseball Pirates, are notables, though not to one another.

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Something Must Be Done

By allowing big-time college football to flourish in its present form, the nation’s universities are shamelessly exploiting the players and debasing themselves by perpetuating the myth of the “amateur” student-athlete.

Headlong and Headstrong

Fined by the NFL for his savage hitting, Chuck Cecil says that’s the only way he knows to play.

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The Big Enchilada

Tony Mandarich, a top NFL prospect, is a chowhound who chews up opponents.