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Nate in Venice

A heartbreaking and often hilarious novella about a decent man’s attempt to find some peace, and perhaps love, on a trip to one of Europe’s most romantic cities.

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Russo’s Rules for a Good Life

A commencement address to the graduating class at Colby College.

May 2004
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Amazon’s Jungle Logic

A lesson in “scorched-earth capitalism.”

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Fishing with Wussy

“With most fishermen, the contest is between the man and the fish. With your old man, it’s between him and his reel.”

Jun 1986
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High and Dry

What right does one who has fled a hometown have to speak for those who have remained behind?

Jun 2010
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How “I” Moved Heaven and Earth

The eternal conflict between the individual and society.

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“Oh, you’ll succeed just fine,” he told her. “You’ll just never be any good.”
Aug 2006