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In Tatum Territory

The boy who grew up in bayou Mississippi and football-crazy Florida, then broke free from his father’s expectations by dancing in strip clubs, has already hit the big time. And yet, Channing Tatum’s struggles have given him the talent to be something much rarer: an old-time movie star in the age of reality TV.

Jul 2013
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The Ghost in the Gulfstream

Tapped by the late billionaire entrepreneur Theodore Forstmann to ghostwrite his autobiography, the author found himself jetting off to Paris and London while Forstmann told tales of his legendary career as private-equity pioneer, philanthropist, and playboy. It was only when Rich Cohen sat down to actually write the book that the trouble began.

Feb 2013
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Little Lansky and the Big Check

How Lyor Cohen, the Israeli-raised president of Island Def Jam Records, became one of the most important men in hip-hop, and why he may now become one of the most important men in rock & roll.

Jun 2001
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A Journey to the End of Football

The cradle of quarterbacks in the age of concussions.
Sep 2012
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They Taught America How to Watch Football

The coach as general. The players as gladiators. Ed Sabol and his son, Steve, have spent the past half century at NFL Films, inventing the tropes of modern football. Color, slow motion, ubiquitous cameras and microphones, the omniscient narrator invoking the language of war—the Sabols pioneered all of this and, in so doing, helped make football the national game.
Oct 2012
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King of the Banana Republic

Samuel Zemurray smuggled weapons, fomented revolution and advised presidents. His real job: The Banana Man.

Jun 2012
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The Boys of Winter

In praise of the aging athlete.
Jun 2002
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Angelina the Conqueror

Angelina Jolie isn’t interested in normal—whether it’s the size of her bed, the creation of her family, or her latest role (originally intended for Tom Cruise), in Salt. On Venice’s Grand Canal, where Jolie, Brad Pitt, and their six kids moved while she filmed The Tourist with Johnny Depp, the author discovers how a modern-day goddess engages with the mortal concepts of marriage, motherhood, and career.

Aug 2010
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Keith Richards Delivers a Classic Rock Memoir

In his new Life, Richards holds nothing back.

Nov 2010
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My Secret Hero

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As she nears 50, Madonna’s narrative is shifting. Yes, there’s another new super-pop album, Hard Candy, with Justin Timberlake and Pharrell Williams. But there’s also Filth and Wisdom, the feature film she’s co-written, produced, and directed, and I Am Because We Are, her documentary on Malawi, the AIDS-ravaged country where she controversially adopted her third child.

May 2008
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Jerry Weintraub Presents!

Jerry Weintraub may be too much for any magazine profile to handle: a showman whose career spans generations of legends; who had Lew Wasserman and Colonel Tom Parker as mentors; who put Elvis on the road, Frank Sinatra in Madison Square Garden (live!), and George Clooney in Ocean’s Eleven. Perhaps the only way to capture the 70-year-old producer, as Rich Cohen discovers in Palm Desert, is to listen. The rest is just packaging—and no one is better at that than Jerry Weintraub himself.

Mar 2008
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A Woman in Full

Playing out her life on the big screen—whether the role is damaged girl, humanitarian, or wife of Brad Pitt—Angelina Jolie is more than an outstanding actress. She’s the ultimate avatar of fantasies (hers and ours), whose next movie, Wanted, taps into her pent-up need for action. As Jolie examines the effect of her own childhood on the unconventional family she and Pitt have created, Rich Cohen hears about the mother she lost last year, the father she’s estranged from, and why, in her second pregnancy, she feels so sexy.

Jul 2008
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The Jessica Question

After a tough few years—two movie duds, a risky foray into country music, and tabloid headlines about her weight—Jessica Simpson is at the crossroads of Obscurity and Re-invention. What brought the 28-year-old pop star, now also the controversial girlfriend of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, to this moment? Talking to Simpson about her life and loves, the author charts the inevitable rise of a preacher’s daughter from Abilene, Texas, the pervasive influence of her manager father, and the radiant quality that, through thick and thin, has made her a woman to watch.

Jun 2009
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Hello! It’s Sexy Time!

What does a British comic disguised as a simpleminded Kazakh TV reporter have to reveal about America? Nothing pretty. Like his HBO hit, Da Ali G Show, Sacha Baron Cohen’s new comedy vérité—starring his obliviously offensive alter ego Borat Sagdiyev as a down-market, anti-Semitic de Tocqueville—takes no prisoners.

Dec 2006
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Gimme No Static

Feb 1997
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The Summer of Our Discontent

An ode to sleepaway camp.
Sep 2007
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Closing Time

The history of America is the history of the automobile industry—which is far older and stranger than you might imagine.

Sep 2009
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Stealth Warriors

The most effective counterterrorism force in the world is Israel’s Sayeret Matkal—“the Unit.” A highly secretive special-operations brigade, it has taken on mythic status with swift, surgical victories in Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and, perhaps most famously, Entebbe, Uganda, where its commandos freed 103 Jewish hostages after a 1976 hijacking.

Dec 2001
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Becoming Adolf

Hitler’s Toothbrush mustache is one of the most powerful symbols of the last century, an inch of hair that represents infinite evil. The author had his reasons for deciding to wear one.

Nov 2007
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The Sinatra Doctrine

Written for Sinatra’s retirement, borrowed by Elvis at the peak of his decline, and assassinated by Sid Vicious before he od’d, Paul Anka’s “My Way” captures the fundamental anger, defiance, and self-satisfaction of the American character.

Jun 2006
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Howard Stern Does Hollywood

The shock jock turned movie star by putting his Private Parts on the big screen. Meet the insecure homebody with a small penis who just wants to be liked.

Mar 1997
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Already a Classic

The perennial bachelor prankster is also Hollywood’s silver-haired statesman, making movies and speaking out for a basic American decency. Yet, open as George Clooney may seem, he remains as elusive as Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, and other classic stars he calls to mind. That’s not unintentional, learns the author, who visits Casa Clooney for a chat about the producer-actor-director’s latest film, The Good German; his plan to cause a New York media meltdown; and what his Aunt Rosemary (the Britney Spears of her day) taught him about keeping fame on a leash.

Nov 2006
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God, Help Me!

The recent surge in American spirituality has sent even the most secular adults into what has become a religion bazaar, where the boundaries are far more fluid and the rules less rigid than when they were children.

Jun 1996