The Grappler

Indy pro wrestler Colt Cabana fought his way to the WWE, only to find that the real path to success was to build a mini media empire of his own.
  1. Logan Square Auditorium isn't a huge room, at least compared to the mega-arenas that host Wrestlemania or Summerslam. But on a Friday night in June, it's just big enough for an indy pro wrestling ring, with four rows of chairs on each side, plus a few more on the venue's stage. All told, the space fits a few hundred spectators, along with a simple lighting rig and a few merch tables scattered in the corners. At the start of the night, the line of wrestling fans that wraps around the building and into an adjacent alley buzzes with a punk-rock level of devotion. After the doors finally open, one of those merch tables gets a bit more traffic than the others.

    The man behind the table is Colt Cabana, né Scott Colton, a 31-year-old Chicago-based pro wrestler, short-lived WWE personality, and occasional stand-up comedian who's been building a mini media empire around himself. Later in the night, he'll disappear into the locker room to don a spandex singlet and slap on some baby oil. But ri...

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