Crypto Rebels

It’s the FBIs, NSAs, and Equifaxes of the world versus a swelling movement of Cypherpunks , civil libertarians, and millionaire hackers. At stake: Whether privacy will exist in the 21st century.

  1. The office atmosphere of Cygnus Support , a fast-growing Silicon Valley company that earns its dollars by providing support to users of free software, seems like a time warp to the days when hackers ran free. Though Cygnus is located in a mall-like business park within earshot of US 101, it features a spacious cathedral ceiling overhanging a cluttered warren of workstation cubicles arranged in an irregular spherical configuration. A mattress is nestled in the rafters. In a hallway behind the reception desk is a kitchen laden with snack food and soft drinks.

    Today, a Saturday, only a few show up for work. The action instead is in a small conference room overlooking the back of the complex - a "physical meeting" of a group whose members most often gather in the corridors of cyberspace. Their mutual interest is the arcane field of cryptography - the study of secret codes and cyphers. The very fact that this group exists, however, is indication that the field is about to shift into overdr...

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Originally published in Wired, May 1993

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