Meet Dr. 90210 Surgeon to the Stars

With his own reality TV show, cosmetic surgeon Dr Robert Rey is fast becoming more famous than his clients. But is everything fantastic in his plastic world? Sanjiv Bhattacharya finds out …

  1. Is he here yet?" An anxious TV producer checks the foyer of stage 26 at Hollywood's Paramount Studios. She works for The Insider, a top-rating tabloid gossip show, where the presenters, crew and production team are all waiting to shoot a segment about Hillary Clinton - specifically, the rumour that she has had a nose job. The trouble is, the guest expert, cosmetic surgeon Dr Robert Rey, hasn't arrived. He is over an hour late.

    The producer checks her watch for the 100th time and starts to pace. Then, suddenly, the doors swing open and in bursts a man wearing a sharp grey suit, orange shirt and manic grin. "Hey, pretty girl!" he exclaims.

    Instantly, the room is filled with the smell of his cologne and the sound of his endless, exuberant chatter. "How did you get so sexy?" he asks the receptionist, and promptly starts punching and kicking the air like a boy who's just discovered Bruce Lee. One kick narrowly misses the receptionist's face, making her jump back. The doctor laughs. "Ha ha...

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