The Coast’s Crazy Dreamers

As Stanley Cup hockey begins, Los Angeles’ brash new Kings, led by money Goalie Terry Sawchuk, have this silly idea that they might win the cup itself. For that matter, so do Boston’s angry Bruins.

  1. Terry Sawchuk, the mercurial goaltender who has been known to shun reporters and friends even after his most triumphant games, talked freely and cheerfully with everyone who came near his locker in the Los Angeles Kings' dressing room. Coach Red Kelly ventured as close to profanity as he ever does, shouting, "You guys played a hang of a game." Owner Jack Kent Cooke rushed around the room congratulating his players and insisting, "I never doubted that my boys could do it."

    What the Kings (see cover) had done was trounce the Philadelphia Flyers 4-2 to move into a tie for the lead in the West Division of the National Hockey League. Within a few days they were to drop back into second as the Flyers, although dispossessed from their home arena for their final seven home games, held on to win the division title. But for one giddy evening, a week before the end of the regular season, Cooke and the Kings acted as if they had already become NHL champions. The only thing missing from the scene ...

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