Charges Dropped against Hunter Thompson

The godfather of gonzo journalism and patron saint of extreme lifestyle fought the law. And won.

  1. "I beat the goddamn swine," crowed Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, following a state district judge's dismissal of four remaining felony and three misdemeanor charges against him.

    The charges of assault, sexual assault and illegal possession of drugs and explosives stemmed from an alleged altercation between Thompson and a former porno producer who visited the chief of Rolling Stone's National-Affairs Desk at his Woody Creek, Colorado, farm, near Aspen, in February. Following a preliminary hearing on May 22nd, the case was dismissed by state-district-court judge Charles Buss at the request of prosecutors, who said that they would be "unable to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt."

    The decision to drop the case "was made after an evaluation of the preliminary-hearing testimony," said Pitkin County DA Milt Blakey following the judge's ruling. The investigation, according to the DA, was hampered by the refusal of several key witnesses, friends of Thompson's who were at his house during the incident, to speak with investigators.

    The DA also cited "discrepancies between sworn testimony and previous statements to investigators" resulting in "the conclusion that the people would be unable to sustain their burden of proof."

    Thompson, the progenitor of gonzo journalism, has written six best-selling books and countless newspaper and magazine articles documenting his frenzied intake of alcohol, nicotine and illegal drugs over the last quarter of a century. He has asserted that his run...

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