At NIH, an Unprecedented Ethics Investigation

New Questions Involving Scientist Robert Gallo and Discovery of HIV Being Probed.
  1. This is not the first time ethical questions have been raised about [Robert C. Gallo] and the discovery of the AIDS virus. In 1985 [Luc Montagnier] alleged in a lawsuit that his laboratory, not Gallo's, had been the first to isolate the virus. That suit was later settled after Gallo and Montagnier agreed to share credit for the discovery. The two then collaborated on a detailed history of who did what when and published it in a scientific journal. For most scientists, the matter was settled.

    [John Crewdson]'s account makes much, for example, of Gallo's admission that the photographs of virus that he submitted to Science to illustrate his claim to have discovered the cause of AIDS in 1984 were actually photographs of Montagnier's LAV. Gallo long ago conceded the error, calling it a simple mistake. Crewdson suggests it was a deliberate deception, proof that at the time Gallo had no other viruses except LAV to photograph.

    Crewdson was unable to get many of Gallo's key collaborators...

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