The Rick Perry Hustle

The author of Lonesome Dove sizes up the hawkish governor of his home state and deems him “fundamentally lazy” about governing.

  1. So far the defining comment about the current Republican presidential stampede was made by the columnist Maureen Dowd in The New York Times: she said Mitt Romney looked like a statue of himself. Promptly another Times columnist, Gail Collins, said that when Governor Rick Perry of Texas loomed over the podium with his big chest he looked like a float; another commentator mentioned that Governor Perry often looked as if he’d had himself stuffed; while, to my eyes, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota looks like a mannequin who has somehow been granted reason and motion—though not too much reason or very rapid motion: it’s when things speed up suddenly that Congresswoman Bachmann tends to fumble.

    In the fifth debate Bachmann needlessly and erroneously flung herself into the argument about the mandated use of the anti-cervical cancer vaccine HPV, saying Perry was forcing “innocent little girls to have a government injection” through an executive order. Neither the Congresswoman fro...

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