Sidney Rice’s Magical Hands

Receiver’s ability to snag footballs transformed him from small-town hero to rising star.

  1. It's really weird to stare at someone's hands. To sit there and study how he holds the steering wheel, to consider how his fingers scratch the hair beneath his chin. To try and notice if there's anything misshapen about his fingers, his knuckles, then to try and qualify just how hairy those knuckles actually are. You notice things about a person by watching his hands, like how he waves at somebody from the car, fumbles with the diamond in his earlobe, drops change into a homeless person's plastic cup or circles his fingers through the air to emphasize a point.

    Few of us pay much attention to our hands. Because, well, what's to see? They're hands.

    But what would you learn if you paid close attention to someone who's known for having gifted, preternatural hands? A wide receiver in the National Football League, for instance. And not just any receiver. A guy right on the cusp of becoming a star. A guy averaging 15.1 yards per catch this season, his first year with the Seattle Seahawks...

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