Mitt Romney’s Missed Opportunity

He’s a number-crunching genius who really can fix mismanaged organizations. So why did he try to beat Obama on platitudes and likability?

  1. Over the course of four political campaigns, Mitt Romney has inhabited many personas, trying to meet the needs of the time and the race. He was a socially liberal Senate hopeful in an unsuccessful 1994 challenge to Ted Kennedy. Then he was a social conservative running against John McCain for the Republican nomination in 2008. His good fortune in 2012 was that he could run as himself: a businessman so successful even Bill Clinton has lauded his “sterling career.”

    The moment calls for a leader who understands the economy, management, and the art of empirical decision-making. In that regard, Romney’s résumé looks tailor-made. His career in strategic consulting and private equity began in the 1970s during a recession that defied the best efforts of politicians and business leaders. It traced the revolution in American corporations that followed in the ’80s and ’90s, a revolution Romney and his peers helped drive, and one that made the U.S. as a nation more competitive. It offers clear le...

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