Wrongly Imprisoned, Cavs Fan Starts Fresh

  1. Game 5 was the end. That was LeBron James’(notes) last night in home whites, the night he looked beaten from the first quarter, the night that crushed so many dreams in Cleveland. Game 6 of the Eastern Conference semifinals – the clincher in Boston – was an afterthought. And looking back, so was James’ fraudulent free agency and his made-for-TV spectacle. The letdown left fans with their own decision: Is it worth hanging in there? The Cavs won’t be contenders again for a while, and the town’s title drought could reach 50 years. What’s the point?

    But those ready to walk away might want to stick around for a story. It involves a fan at Game 5. Like everyone else, he took his seat that night thinking LeBron could deliver a title. He believed LBJ would stay. But Raymond Towler hasn’t changed his mind or changed his faith. He wants to buy Cavs season tickets for the first time. Maybe for everyone else in that arena that night in May, Game 5 was the nastiest of reality checks. But for Tow...

The complete text of “Wrongly Imprisoned, Cavs Fan Starts Fresh” is not in the Byliner library, but we love it so much we included an excerpt and a link to the full story on sports.yahoo.com.

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