What McClure Said: “The Story Is the Thing”

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  1. It goes without saying that I’m honored to be speaking to this particular group about this particular subject.

    I’m going to open with a quote from the great Bostonian and important American historical figure, Ram Dass, who often says: I’m not here to tell you anything new. I’m here to remind you of things you already know. He would probably add, “Om.”

    The reason I’m here, I believe, is that I’m perceived to have been engaged in the battle over the future of news with the technological vanguard and am now asked for a report from the front, to find out how it’s going. What are the prospects for our side?

    Last fall, I wrote an essay called “Confidence Game: the limited vision of the news gurus,” about the ideas of leading journalism academics, concentrating on the work of Jeff Jarvis, Clay Shirky, and Jay Rosen, touching on that of a few others. I identified what I called the future of news, or FON, consensus, and argued mostly against it.

    The genesis of the article, the reason it cam...

The complete text of “What McClure Said: “The Story Is the Thing”” is not in the Byliner library, but we love it so much we included an excerpt and a link to the full story on www.cjr.org.

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