Drama King

Meet Bravo’s Andy Cohen, the mogul behind Real Housewives and other TV cheese you love to eat—and host of his own wild show, Watch What Happens Live.

  1. You know Andy Cohen from your television. Not his face, necessarily, but his body of work: the runny-mascara reality empire to which the women in your life have become passionately addicted. The man is responsible for a lot of television. Some critically adorned (Top Chef), some culturally malignant (the delirious, multi-city Real Housewives hen party), and then some plenty popular but unremarkable beyond the circus tent of Andy's home network, Bravo. As the head of programming—Andy has puppeteered each of the many dozen reality shows Bravo has put out in the past seven or eight years—he's gotten his prints on huge chunks of pop culture. And along the way, the face of Andy Cohen has become increasingly inseparable from the kind of television he makes.

    A few years ago, having recognized this—Andy's presence in those series, that they all seemed to breathe the same air—Bravo asked Andy to produce a new kind of television: his own show. Where he would step in front of the camera to c...

The complete text of “Drama King” is not in the Byliner library, but we love it so much we included an excerpt and a link to the full story on www.gq.com.

Originally published in GQ, February 2013

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