The Loyally Complicit

Democrats wallow in centrism and bipartisanship.
  1. On January 7 of this year the Senate Labor and Human Resources Committee held a day of hearings on the recession and the unemployment it has brought about. The committee is dominated by Democrats, and the idea was to use C-Span, the cable network that provides coverage of Congress, to pin the recession on the Bush administration. Those scheduled to testify were also chosen with care; Senators Kennedy of Massachusetts, Simon of Illinois, and newly elected Wellstone of Minnesota listened solemnly as three handpicked victims of joblessness, all middle-aged, middle-class and "non-threateningly" Caucasian, described the wasting of their lives and skills.

    There was a glitch in the Democrats' plans, however. C-Span chose to skip the hearings of this committee for those of another, the Senate Ethics Committee. Here was something that might attract the daytime TV crowd: Five senators up to their thoraxes in greed, special pleading, and robotic indifference to the public weal. Four of them, ...

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Originally published in Harper's, July 1991

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