Blood Calls to Blood

What is it really like to live and work on the front lines of the Mexican drug war? Featuring original work from award-winning Mexican writers, "Blood Calls to Blood" presents a gripping yet intimate account of the crisis.

Among the works found in this volume: John Gibler shows what’s truly at stake in the drug war, Diego Enrique Osorno puzzles out a clash between rival cartels, and Marcela Turati visits a morgue near the border. The collection also includes fiction from Mauro Gallardo, Daniel Sada, and Cristina Rivera Garza, who explores reasons to keep writing amid the mayhem.

With stunning first-person testimony and insightful commentary, this book is an important record of a catastrophe that continues to unfold and greatly affects not just all of Mexico, but all of the Americas.

Read excerpts by John Gibler, Diego Enrique Osorno, and Marcela Turati.

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