Livestrong’s Trademark Bullying Record Revealed

One of the most famous charities in the U.S., Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong has a record of being a trademark bully. Alex Heard reports on their fight against a trainer and others.

  1. On Jan. 31, Lance Armstrong looked at his widely followed Twitter account and saw something odd: he was getting razzed by an anonymous stranger who used the handle @Ashtheprotestor. “You are a coward for suing someone who’s brand sounds like yours,” the tweet said. “If your shits awesome people will still buy it. [Y]ou suck.”

    Armstrong tweeted back, sounding baffled. “[E]xcuse me, did I miss something here. I have no clue what you’re talking about.”

    “[Y]ou are suing Sara Rufener for her brand Live the Beauty of Being Strong,” @Ashtheprotestor replied. “[I]s that necessary?”

    “[F]irst I’ve heard of it,” Armstrong wrote.

    “[O]r maybe it’s just your lawyers, either way please ask them to stop with this. Then I will retract my you suck statement :)”.

    Armstrong didn’t respond again, and chances are he didn’t think about it much after that. Three days later, he had something more pleasant to focus on: without any explanation, the U.S. government abruptly dropped its long-running investiga...

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