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A Killing in Iowa

The bestselling memoir about a young girl whose family was shattered by a murder-suicide in her small Midwestern town.

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The Last Word

Yayoi Kusama still has plenty of vitriol.
Feb 2012
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Can He Get There from Here?

A straphanger soldiers on in a five-year quest to revamp the 1979 subway map.

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Art World “Bad Boy” Josh Smith Is Peter Brant’s New Protégé

A prolific rising star collects praise and detractors with every show.

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Nahmad Empire Expands into Contemporary Art

The youngest son of a prominent collector family branches out.
Nov 2011
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Two Art Galleries Play Monopoly on Park Avenue

Public art and commercial interests.
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Motoring Merengue Road

While not for the faint of heart, riding a scooter in the Dominican Republic can lead to places few tourists see.
Jun 2009
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The Principles of Eternity

The enduring nature of Sterling Ruby’s art.

Sep 2011