World Hum

Stilettos in Paris

The author did the Bohemian backpacker thing in Paris. Paris Las Vegas gave her the chance to act out a different role.

Jul 2011

Travel That Counts

Or, “my passport is better-stamped than yours.”

May 2009

Family on Safari

How would Grandma have felt about the bumpy Tanzanian roads? She would’ve hated them. And those pit toilets? Ditto. Frank Bures explores the family vacation minus one.

Nov 2002

Words Are Like Icebergs

Frank Bures on the pleasures of traveling and learning foreign languages.

Sep 2010

The Lost World of Nigeria

The Eredo once formed a boundary between the real and spirit worlds, and could easily contain Manhattan. Frank Bures goes in search of one of the planet’s forgotten architectural wonders.

Jul 2007

The Luxury of Solitude

In a Mumbai greenmarket, David Farley hunts for the Indian city’s most precious commodity.

Aug 2009

The Pasta Nazi

Not long after moving to Rome, David Farley thought he had the city wired. Then he visited Al Cardello restaurant and met chef Angelo.

Mar 2006

How to Write a Bad Travel Story

Sure, you could write a compelling story. But why, when you could just as easily write a snoozer?
Jun 2009

Bad “Carma”

A pilgrim to Italy wanted to drive only occasionally during his stay in Italy. So why did something always go wrong?

Aug 2011

Caught in a Czech Funk

All the traveler wanted from the tourist information office in the tiny town of Nove Hrady was directions to the train station. Then he asked the young clerk a seemingly innocuous question: Was that funk booming from the speakers?
Feb 2007

The Ferries and the Last Frontier

In a four-part series, the author explores Southeast Alaska by state ferry.

Mar 2012

War Zones for Idiots

The “World Series of Journalism” had begun in Afghanistan, and Tom Bissell didn’t have to qualify to play. He just had to show up.

Oct 2002

A Pilgrimage to SkyMall

Can a trip to its headquarters make for documentary art, or just a closer look at solar-powered mole repellers? Bill Donahue journeys into the soul of SkyMall.

Jan 2010

The Magical Miracle Tour

When a German evangelist arrived to save Africa from Satan and his evil witch doctors, the author went along for the ride.

Aug 2002

On the Perils of Travel Writing

David Farley broke into the New York Times with a story about an eccentric Italian village. When he returned, he feared being chased out by torch-bearing villagers.

Jul 2009
By Editors Recommend

The Roads between Us: A Journey across Africa

In a five-part series, Frank Bures explores the meaning of travel when arrival is not guaranteed.

Apr 2010

Test Day

Frank Bures administers an English exam to his students in Tanzania, where life is hard and giving up isn’t an option.

Sep 2003